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  • mymonitorisasony mymonitorisasony Feb 10, 2000 11:09 PM Flag

    EDS outsourcing deal

    Check out Humana appears to be
    outsourcing a pretty sizeable chunk of IT. This hasn't really
    been formally announced to the locals... I'm sure they
    would be overjoyed to see their jobs going out the
    door. Of course, current management will deny that IT
    staff will be let go.... Ha! that's what they all say!
    The current CIO appears to be an advocate of
    outsourcing. It does make some business sense.... but there
    are drawbacks. Guarantee that within five years
    (assuming hum is still an independent, viable entity... I
    know that's a big assumption), they will be begging at
    the feet of EDS to get out of their contract. My
    guess is that they are hoping this will be seen
    favorably by the market and the stock price may head up.
    Next question is who will try to buy the Hummer?

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    • i sold 2/3 of my position between 7 & 8 - i'll
      hold the rest as my cost basis is 12 on that portion

      just got tired of waiting - and wanted to have a
      larger cash position going into this year - HUM was the
      blacksheep of the recent upgrades on HMO's -

      Humana is a takeover target in the high teens, low 20's
      - if its still below 9 this summer i'll use some
      other profits from my 3com to buy back in - but i'm
      afraid its dead money for next 6 months - only reason i
      didn't sell it all - is that i firmly believe in 12
      months HUM will be in high teens -

      i'm coming
      back after i make some profits elsewhere -

    • Still here. This could take a while -- asset
      plays are always a waiting game. But even if it takes 5
      yrs and they only get 15/shr it is still a 20%/yr
      gain. That would be just fine with me. Back in 93-94 I
      did the same thing with Carenetwork. Bought at 4 and
      doubled up at 8. HUM bought them out at 25. In those days
      memberships were going for $1000-1400 per in buyouts. It
      makes you wonder about the efficiency of a market that
      would let a stock trade a less than 1/6th of what
      another company in the same industry would pay for

      HMOs all rallying today (WLP came out with big
      earnings). UNH is finally back to the price that they
      originally offered the .5 shr for each HUM shr. ML has a
      price target of 75. If they get that high it sure will
      make HUM's membership look awfully cheap.

    • Are you still holding? I feel
      that we will be
      rewarded well over the
      next few months for our
      I'll post the next Value Line report
      when it
      arrives. My "dogs" are doing well
      today. My goodyear
      and Owens Corning
      are recovering. I must be sick
      invest in value in this market? I
      comfortable here and not in techs.

    • Hillcrest prove that buying 10,00 shares doesn't
      represent a big commiment. By buying another 10,000

      I know you'll thank me for it latter.

      ~~~~~ Hands {watching the tape for a10K

      Not guilty my transaction cost are minimum with 5000
      share blocks {0.24 cents per share}.

    • Hillcrest;
      The 10,000 or so share purchases by
      the senior V.P's in the past few weeks represent
      $70,000 to $80,000 cash outlays for each of them. That is
      a fairly substantial dollar amount for just about
      any single investor. I bet most of the people on this
      board don't hold that much, unless maybe it was bought
      over time in their 401k.

    • hum will be bought soon buy more.

    • who has bought significant amounts stock.I think
      Gellert already owned much of his. Just an innocent
      question. I just don't happen to think buying 10,000 shares
      represents a big commitment. So Chill Bro!!!!!!!!!!!

    • missing something the only insider who has bought
      any substantial amount of stock over the last few
      months has been DAJ. The rest have only purchased about
      10,000 shares a piece from what I can tell. This hardly
      amounts to heavy insider buying,heck,my 147 year old
      grandmother could buy 10,000 shares of HUM at these depressed
      prices with her monthly social security checks. Well,
      she could have until her Medicare HMO premiums went
      up in January.Anyway,if anyone has any sources that
      indicate really significant buying by anyone other than
      DAJ , I would like to know.

    • Watch them buy. Too much cash on the balance for
      this stock to go much lower. It's a steal at this
      price range. The insiders bought at this price range
      months ago.

      I'll pick up more shares this


    • They did bring in a CIO from outside, but they
      have for the last two of those. Problem is they have
      no strategic direction... just kind of ambling along
      in reactionary mode complicated by bureaucratic
      inertia. However, this is a large company where these
      types of problems are common. 20 years ago you could
      get by, just coasting along.... the rules have
      changed since then. There is no coasting in the
      healthcare industry these days and it is only going to get
      worse. Humana is one of those companies that used to be
      an industry leader because they didn't just coast
      along... and then something happened and the world shot
      right by them. It's a lot harder to play catch-up.

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