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  • x2073 x2073 Oct 10, 2000 4:41 PM Flag


    buying an option means paying more (the premium).
    They are also very illiquid so there
    is a bid ask

    Taken together, it means that in the long run,
    options are a very bad strategy.

    So if there is a
    lot of call open intrest it
    means the stupid
    money is in control.

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    • ivegottoknownownotlater ivegottoknownownotlater Oct 15, 2000 12:04 PM Flag

      I read the release and was struck by the fact
      that no corporate names were listed in the discussion
      of customers. I'm glad to see it recover some. There
      is no doubt that your buddy CL has suffered some
      HUGE damage on that one and is desperate. HUM
      weathered the storm excellently and QLGC is on the way
      back. It's exciting to ride the storm out. We have a
      daytrading dufus on this thread that went through a few
      tubes of rolaids on Thursday no doubt. I just don't
      understand gambling, I try to focus on investing, it pays
      off where as gambling is a sure losing strategy. Good
      Luck on your Poci and APAT. BUSH to win by 5 points,
      you heard it here first. Character counts at least 5
      points. Gore just can't seem to garner confidence,
      especially at bed time, i.e. story time. GO HUM

    • The LA Times ran an interesting article re PHSY.
      They said the same things Rob and I said, i.e., their
      business model is broken and they are locked into losing
      contracts for now.

      The problem with PHSY's provider
      deals is that it lets the fox guard the hen house; or,
      the rat guard the cheese; or, the cat guard the
      mouse, etc., etc.

    • A little life shown in Muxville too! I knew that would make you happy ;)

    • PHSY is locked into their Medicare coverage for
      next year. PHSY'S medical cost ratio for
      Medicare-Choice could increase from approximately 89 percent in
      2000 to 93 percent in 2001. IMHO, PHSY is in big

    • I've been looking at them, and it looks to me
      like their business model is broken. They cannot
      control their costs, and they cannot raise their rates
      fast enough and also remain competitive. It seems they
      have some fundamental flaws.

      It seems like the
      hospitals have taken the power away from them. I think its
      a dangerous trend for the industry as a whole. I
      don't see PHSY doing anything to restore their
      profitability. They must be itching to restore capitating
      contracts, but they would lose their hospital base if they

      Maybe I'm missing something. I'd like to know what I'm

    • Nasdaq up over 8%, all stocks up up up and
      Tacky's very own AMD plummets nearly a point below 22.
      Hahahhahahhahahah, it'll be one slow boat to China before you ever
      see your original 42 split adjusted back. Oh and
      Tacky, did you look at INTC. Put your money to work.
      Considering your long term play (AMD), maybe you should stick
      to daytrading for nickels and dimes. Again,
      Hahahahhahahah, way to go AMD, do down that is. Hahahahha

    • James,I like HUM right now because they are
      working against weak operating results from previous
      year. I worked with the new CEO is a tough competitor
      who will turn HUM around. Commercial HMO premiums
      have skyrocketed which bodes well for the industry
      short-term so I easily see HUM at $15 by the end of Qtr 2.
      As for a takeover,why go after them now when you
      probably could have taken them over at $5 to $8 six months
      ago? Besides,I don't see anyone who wants HUM now.
      Buyouts/mergers in this business have gone poorly (Aetna/U S
      Healthcare,HUM/PCA) and the industry needs to get back on its feet
      from an information systems standpoint before any more
      occur.As for who I like,HUM and PHSY are both great buys
      right now as I see Medicare HMOs making a huge come
      back. Tough to argue with the demographics.

    • You have been posting on this board for quite a
      while. I look in occasionally to see what's new, but it
      seems HUM's recovery is coming along slowly. Is HUM
      your favorite stock in the HMO industry? If not, would
      you be willing to tell us which one is? Do you
      looking forward to a take over of HUM or do you think it
      will prosper on its own? Thanks

    • tacky..... and there obviously can be only one clueless, because no one else can be that stupid!!!

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