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  • barlboroughu barlboroughu Dec 25, 2000 7:01 AM Flag

    HUM Paralysis

    Too much going on for it all to make sense. Contradictory news stories. Look hard enuff and you'll find it.

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    • I completely agree with your last post. But, I think the need for HUM to pursue a sale is even more compelling.

    • I think plenty of companies would emerge as
      bidders if HUM were to properly market itself.

      think it is presumptuous for any of us to presume that
      we can do the job of the investment banker.
      Typically, bidders emerge for companies that no one

      Management needs only to best position the company and take
      the best shot. Actually, I cannot see it being in
      McAllister's or Jones, Jr.'s position to sell. (Where else are
      these guys going to replace their current positions?
      They are history in the event of a sale, because I
      cannot imagine anyone allowing them to run another
      company!) But, it is overwhelmingly in Jones, Sr.'s best
      interests to sell.

      I am interested in something
      else, though. McAllister promised months ago that HUM
      would dispose of all money losing divisions before the
      end of last year. Why haven't we seen an announcement
      confirming this was done, and projecting increased profits?
      Remember McAllister's graph showing how profitable the
      company would be without these money losing

      Where are the results?

    • Yes,I thought the lack of mergers would drag the
      industry down, but the upturn in the premium cycle has
      come to their rescue. You are right that almost all of
      the buyouts have been a disaster. Poor systems remain
      a drag on this industry but HUM has value in its
      strong membership base.

    • If HUM is going to be the great consolidater then
      somebody better tell the market because our sales are
      being valued at 1/2 the sales of such powerhouses as
      CVTY and MME let alone the UNH, CI and WLPs of this

      Look, the world of 10-11% premium increases with costs
      only rising 7-8% are not going to last forever.
      Competition and market share will return and the big players
      are not going to suffer lightly losing profitable
      customers to small inefficient competitors. As far as the
      net goes it will drive down both costs and profits.
      Only the biggest most efficient companies will be able
      to compete when they all meet on the

      Sorry SWR I just don't see it. If somebody makes a
      reasonable offer for HUM they are gone and if there is no
      offer coming then I wouldn't want to be invested here.

    • It's been inevitable for the last 10 years,
      according you stockholders.

      I don't think it's
      inevitable at all. They may be the ones doing the acquiring,
      if the stock continues it's upward momentum. You're
      going to see Humana becoming a leader in internet based
      servicing and selling.

    • Changed our mind did we? (See msg 3104 or 3171). Near term is 2001 for me as stated before. Of course I could be early but doesn't it still seem inevitable to you?

    • Friend of the Deceased sees things we do not. HUM will go but not in the near-term. The dead know all. HUM will push toward $20.

    • back. he condemns me for buying and selling hum
      multiple times in it's run from 5 to 14, all along i made
      money but yet he condemned me for selling when i did.
      additionall, he bashes me for an amd investment which hasn't
      progressed as i'd hoped but i still haven't lost a thing
      since i haven't sold yet.. he fails to recognize that
      one simple principal, unless you sell lower than you
      bought, you haven't lost a thing. AND, if you haven't
      sold higher that you bought, you haven't made a
      thing.. his type sickens me because he professes or acts
      as though he's never made a "poor" investment
      decision which we all know in the world of finances is
      part of the school of hard knocks.. he's up on hum,
      but in the interim (more recently the last 2 days) he
      could have sold hum in 14's and bought back much
      cheaper on low 12's. if i apply his logic, he's out
      $10,000 samolians from 14 to 12 in 2 days with 5,000
      shares of hum..USEFUL INFORMATION YOU ASK???. someone
      earlier said forget about interest from ayone buying the
      co. hum, if there wasn't a suitor at $, there's
      surely not one at $12, i think a sale of hum is out of
      the question at this stocks, beaten down
      lately, the nt's, amcc's, jdsu's, a's, nok's msft's,
      csco's, amd's, rmbs's, are all extremely good buys at
      these levels, many others as well. hum was a steal at
      $5, now it's less attractive. logic says, if a stocks
      near it's lows, it will go higher, if it's near it's
      highs it will fall. market conditions can impact this
      in many various ways.... now is the time to get in,
      bio techs, techs, financials, STAY AWAY FROM THE

    • Uhm - they had a suitor at $30/shr! Things
      change. There is going to be a lot of consolidation in
      the HMO market going forward. Everyone is hesitant
      because of some of the disastrous mergers that took place
      in this industry. But when the insurance cycle turns
      again and growth starts to slow and their stockholders
      start getting antsy trust me they will start to pair up
      like bunnies.

      HUM will be one of the first to
      go - IMO.

    • How come message boards get so personal????Instead of giving out useful information. Everyone, check out AMHC, similar to HUM, and rising...They are also buying back their shares.....

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