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  • sunnsailor sunnsailor May 3, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

    More On Compounding HUUUGE GAINS!


    Presently own under a million shares of NOEC, which bought a paper sub in news today rocketing over 500% this morning. NOEC sells fertilizer, & now paper too; but here's what the new CEO says this morning on PAPER:
    "Since 2009, China has surpassed the US and become the biggest manufacturer and consumer of paper and paperboard, accounting for over 24% of world consumption. -- Although average paper and paperboard consumption achieved 148% growth in China over the past 10 years, Chinese paper and paperboard consumption volume to date has been only 25% of consumption in the US -- Over the past five years, corrugated paperboard achieved an 18%-20% annual growth rate and, in 2013, it is expected China will surpass the US and become the biggest market for corrugated paperboard. -- Currently, the paper recycling rate in China is only 38%. This is considerably lower than the worldwide average of 47%, reaching to more than 70% in the developed countries -- The Chinese government has promulgated new rules and regulations to incentivize the paper recycling industry." -QUOTED. *****COMPOUNDING POSITIONS MATTER!!
    Go JADA GOGOGO!!!!!!!!!

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    • Another non-reporting company.

      Never mind that, when they still reported, their revenues were falling off a cliff (-25% 2009, -40% 2010, -85% calendar 4Q10 vs calendar 1Q10) while losses kept skyrocketing and operating cash flow was just about as deeply red as could be.

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      • Ursmax,

        I do not disagree with you on the reporting issue, but unless you cannot read a financial, I do not understand your comments about the losses and cash. They were profitable on all the quarters that were reported on and the cash grew quarter over quarter.

        Making negative comments is fine, just speak the truth especially when everyone can just click on the financials right there in Yahoo. You look like you are either stupid or just lying.