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  • Deep22_76 Deep22_76 Sep 17, 2002 3:52 PM Flag

    George Bush & republicans devastating

    Good point dude... I supported Bush cause I thought Gore was a sucker... Now i hate myself for doing that... Just before the market opened today... Bush spoke (AGAIN!!!!) Was talking s-hit about History and all other crap... and no wonder market went down... When will he learn and keep his mouth shut???
    Guys lets pray... "God please help Keep Bush's mouth shut all the time"... Thank you.

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    • European markets were doing great ... then Bush opened his mouth !!!

      Now the Dow is down 2%+ .... thank you george !!!

      I am willing to bet that as soon as we get rid of you - the markets & economy will recover.

      You are giving republicans a bad name !!!

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      • Not only is this man a damn fool, he is mentally ill with the condition known as OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The man belongs in the psycho ward. Unfortunately, he is running the country and dragging us suckers into an ugly mess, not only economically but militarily, politically, environmentally, morally, etc. etc. Trouble is, the National Democrats are no better. Somebody with some common sense help us all.