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  • bullbreeder bullbreeder Oct 21, 2002 6:29 PM Flag

    you guys are clowns

    priz all day long shorts have hrs to cover, bla,bla. scotty awful quite to it starts to fall then he's bomc again.2.3 biilion in sales is great but if you can only make 14 mil on it then whoopie doo. 11 dollars in book value is comprised of lots of bluesky. this market ain't done falling so i would assume dkwd will drift lower also. if your short you have time to cover and if your truly long then you have plenty of time to watch this become a 5 banger.grow up.eom

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    • Listened to the cc. The management isn't very polished but appears straightforward and the company fundamentals seem intact. Too much dependence on BMY did us in during this past quarter. However, presently no supplier accounts for more than 10%.

      With the past quarter surpassed by a nickel and $1 as conservative guidance for '03 (excl. $0.29 goodwill write-off just taken), this stock currently trades at forward P/E of 9. And at growth rate of 10%, at PEG less than 1. Given the uncertainty in timing of increase in drug prices (Dec '02/Mar '03) quarter, expect the stock to be accumulated at this ($8-$12) level unless the market takes off (!). The accumulation is very likely because the competitors are painting a rosy picture for this sector. My bet is that this stock will be trading in the 14 to 20 range by the end of March quarter next year. Good luck holding.