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  • biogynecologist biogynecologist Mar 14, 2007 10:57 PM Flag


    As soon as the announcement is made that the NDA submission is back on track. PCYC must be working on a reply to the FDA letter now.

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    • I believe PCYC has a very bright future. The previous posts relate to insider options with strike prices HIGHER than yesterdays close.

      Duggan had ISRG stock options setup for employees in exactly the same fashion starting a couple of months prior to the stellar rise.

      Remember Peter Lynch - people sell for all kinds of reasons but they only buy for 1 - to make money.


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      • It's true that people BUY stocks for only one reason, and sell for many, but even I, a bull on PCYC, must admit that yesterday's reports of stock options being given at $2.76 means little. The employees were given the stock options for FREE, as an incentive to stay and work hard.
        They've been given stock options before, at higher prices, and they'll be given them again, at wherever the stock happens to be at the time.
        With all that said, PCYC is dirt cheap trading at $15 - $20 million enterprise value (after cash).
        Conference call today; wondering if we will get any hint on the refiling of the NDA, but I doubt it.
        But I also wouldn't mind if PCYC stays down here for just a week or two more so that I can complete my buying plan.
        Did you all know that Genentech has been buying up almost every available piece of real estate left in San Francisco?
        They're loaded with cash and buying power from Avastin, etc and I wouldn't be surprised if they has a hand in "delaying" Xcytrin. DNA is way too powerful right now. Partner with them or suffer the consequences.

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