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  • robmengnny robmengnny Jun 28, 2012 2:59 PM Flag

    Nothing happen overnight

    take over is good wish. But nothing happen overnight.But before it happens, let see some price consolidations. I gave you two examples for this year, BVSN and AE. The stories are so sweet, but sometimes it is toxic.

    Everybody buy their dreams and pay for their dreams. But beware the reality:is it worth for for you to pay for the dreams, or better off the game?

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    • BVSN is a provider of electronic commerce ((e-commerce) business solutions. It delivers a combination of technologies and services into the global market. Although it had bad financial figures,the stock was jumped from $8 to $56 in two month early this year. Some fund bought a big chunck of the share and promoted as a takeover target. The bulb bursted in two months.

      AE involves in oil and gas business. The first quarter report came out great.So some Wall Street Analysis promoted the stock to be $75. The stock really followed the experts and reached the peak at $75. Then what? The price back to where it was with no news.

      So I am really concerned is
      1. Some expert says PCYC will be reach to $55. yes, we get there. Other expert said it will be $60, $70 and $80. Who should we follow?
      2. If we reach to the goals as they predicted. Then what should we do? What is the stock will do? Does everyone has the patient to wait until magic happens?

      "When everybody greedy, I am feared." We have to rember the words.

      I ma not saying that the stock will be crushed, but buyers beware. Don't be over confidence.

    • Looks like you had a few too many beers fella.

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