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  • no_balls_no_gain no_balls_no_gain Jul 1, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    ONXX has a huge pipeline with a broad market. PCYC market is tiny in comparison.

    Wake up.

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    • You guys keep missing the elephant in the room. Its not cancer. Ibrutinib will transform autoimmune and allergic diseases. The potential in arthritis, Crohn's, Lupus, etc. is mind boggling. Even MS is probably in play. Think about it. Every autoimmune disease has underlying auto antibodies driving the destructive T-cells. Google preclinical work with ibrutinib in models of this disease, then compare these data to preclinical work with current anti-inflammatory agents such as Enbrel. Ibrutinib is far superior. Then remind yourself that this is an oral agent, not an injectable. Further remind yourself that PCYC has shown potent inhibition of TNF and IL-8 in patients (primary drivers of arthritis, Crones, etc.) and IgM (Lupus). then look around at the lack of competition in this target, and the strong patent position of PCYC. Its just a matter of time and this stock will explode. As Duggan said at an earlier conference call- it may be one product, but it can treat 35 indications (in cancer). There are far more indications in autoimmune diseases. This will be the factor that will make this company far more valuable than Onyx.

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    • Actually, although I have been a longtime holder of ONXX, their potential market is much smaller than PCYC's. And their route to profitability is much shorter.

    • mwindsweptfarm Jul 1, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

      Why do you bash this stock? PCYC will be HUGE. Over $200.00 in a year or two. Game changer drug.

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      • And CLDX which is extraordinarily UNDERVALUED has nine pipeline candidates and two in phase II and III. Investor owned shares 75-78%. And each and I repeat each of its immunotherapeutic lines have numerous other strong indications, for example, High GPNMB found in TNBC is also found in multiple other cancers. The former has ZERO competition and quite possibly (probably) will receive breakthrough status, in any case all indication for strong development and Oh I forgot non shared revenue 100% owned top to bottom of whole pipeline is excellent. Also a secondary done 7 months past was NON-DILUTIVE done at retail price. Ultra thin float. Cramer recently said wow! This and not pcyc is the more legitimate long term buy/hold and 200 will be achieved as it sits at 16.00 presently

      • Sure. You're long right?

        Stop dreaming and think about the "real" market.

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