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  • doctor92373 doctor92373 Jul 8, 2014 5:24 AM Flag

    Calling for next year estimate on sales from US and Europe based on soon EU approval

    see if anyone can come up with best estimate which will translate to stock price performance. For 2015 my estimate is at least 1000-1100 millions for US and 500-550 millions for EU. For 2016 1700-1850 millions for US and 1000-1100 millions for EU. This will be 1600 millions next year for 2015 and 2900 millions for 2016 for US and EU together. PCYC will get half of all that. 1.5 billions divide by 3 for the actual net and divide by 75 million shares, you get 6.67 earning per share conservatively. PE of 30 tranlates to 200 dollars per share. So figure, PCYC should have PS of 15 to 1 next year and 12 to one 2016. That translates to MKT CAP 12 billions for the coming year (price is starting to validating it now to the next 2-3 months) and 17-18 billions for the year afterward. This only includes US and EU without the rest of the world and Immunologic indications for Ibrutinib. This is a double in the next 2-3 months and a triple next year. Add some explosive stimulus from immunologic and adjuvant Multiple Myeloma indications to the market cap you will come up with a quadruple from now. However, JNJ will buy this out before it all pan out at 180 to 190. But add the gamblers to the mix, you have a super high volitility to the ride. Please tighten your seatbelt and hold onto your shares. Put all the fundamentals aside Technicals which I trust 99% of the time are turning to the explosive side now.

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