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  • seattle49 seattle49 Jan 11, 2013 6:12 PM Flag

    he expects hundreds of SDC-based products to soon hit the market.

    And yet, nearly 4 years he's still produced nothing meaningful for the company and particularly nothing for shareholders. Shareholder value .... isn't. Profits ... non-existent. Sales ... meaningless. Hundreds of products ? HA ! Today's traders of over a half million shares must have found out a secret, eh ?

    A filing may be imminent.

    " ... Pure Bioscience Cuts Indian Distribution Deal
    Juha-Pekka Tikka ....... 3/25/09

    El Cajon, CA-based Pure Bioscience (NASDAQ:PURE) today said it has found an Indian distributor for its patented antimicrobial agent, silver dihydrogen citrate. Colorado-based Global Endeavor and its subsidiary Pure-Enviro Biotech in New Delhi have approval from Indian authorities to immediately begin marketing an SDC-based hard-surface disinfectant called Enviroguard in India. Pure CEO Michael Krall told Xconomy this Monday he expects hundreds of SDC-based products to soon hit the market. ... "

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    • You may be right mumbles.

      Ya think El Presidente' is still smiling knowingly ? The following is from the same piece regarding the fantabulous deal with India. The fruits of his labors has meant millions of dollars for insiders and 10's of millions of dollars in losses. No wonder he was smiling knowingly. Just sit around and collect a bloated and unwarranted salary, bonuses, and stock options while producing virtually nothing of value for those funding the largess ..... shareholders.

      " ... Pure Bioscience founder and CEO Michael Krall smiled knowingly when he met me recently at the company’s El Cajon, CA, headquarters. “You chose a great time to write this story,” he told me. “We are now starting to enjoy the fruits of our labor. There’s gold in silver, oh yes.” ... "

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      • I'll venture an opinion on that Max.

        In that interview the interviewer noted El Presidente' smiled knowingly.

        Almost everyone has seen that same type of smile many times. It's the knowing smile a baby makes at the moment they fill their diaper .... knowing someone else will clean it up for them.

        What has happened in the ensuing 4 years is diaper filling [without the benefit of diapers] for everyone except the bunch from El Cajon.

      • That quote is from March 2009. Also in that piece is "“This is going to be really exciting,” he says. “In five years we will be a very big company, unless someone acquires us.”". Coming up on four years now. What happened?

      • of course he is still smiling. he works hard and rewards himself accordingly.

      • History repeats itself over and over til it can't.
        Last PIPE available to maintain salaries is
        upon Krall without profits. I suspect its has
        already passed but depending on the skill
        of the PIPER he may get another 6 months
        before bankruptcy and/or merger. Only the
        dummbest of dumb would buy this stock
        on the market when it can be had for a song

    • All the activity is simply the next PIPER trying to
      get short at the highest possible price and cover
      with shares priced far lower on the offering. After
      the announcement it will be farfar lower. PURE is
      or will soon be sued for non payment of
      current PAYABLES. ALL IMHO.

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