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  • seattle49 seattle49 May 5, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

    What is the main function of the business, El Presidente' ?

    The basic and simple answer, provided by Wikianswers is:

    " ... Answer:

    This is predicated upon the question, why are we into this business? We are into this business to make profits; provide a good or service which is not being produced currently etc. How are the profit objectives achieved? It is through the functional areas of the business such as marketing, Human Resource etc which help the organization to realize its functions. Therefore, the functional areas of a business are the vehicle by which the organization's functions are realized. ... "

    So, what does one have when the so-called functional areas of the company DON'T help the organization function to reach business profit objectives ? PURE Bioscience !

    BUT, someone has apparently profited handsomely from their involvement with PURE. According to an SEC filing:

    " ... " ... Based on Pure’s SEC filings, in the six years ended July 31, 2011 those who exercised stock options reaped $20.9 million in intrinsic value gains (the excess of the market price of the stock at the time of exercise over the option exercise price), including about $3 million for CEO Michael Krall alone.

    During the past four fiscal years, while Pure suffered nearly $30 million in operating losses, CEO Michael Krall and other directors and executives were awarded approximately $7.6 million in total compensation, and Pure optionholders realized approximately $17 million in intrinsic value gains on option exercises related to past option awards. ... "

    Now they have filed another S-1 [ 2/01/2013 ] and wait for the SEC to allow them to sell up to another $15,000,000 in PURE shares ........... seriously. What is the main function of the business, El Presidente' ?

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    • Please refrain from asking such provocative questions. The company clearly hstted that they are in the business of bring to market the new and disruptive product, "Eversomuchmoreso". Then, after an unspecified time, a miracle will happen.

    • So, El Presidente', how long has it been since you have guided PURE Bioscience to an annual profit ?

      Well, that's not importante'. We try .... and I work really hard.

      Be that as it may El Presidente' how many years have passed since you reported an annual profit for PURE.

      As I said, that is not importante".

      OK, it's clear you are not going to answer that question. How about this one:
      For the FY 2012 you reported PURE has an accumulated deficit [loss] of over $ 62,000,000. How do you justify pulling down a salary of $ 385,000 when you have not achieved an annual profit for shareholders in over 12 years ?

      I work hard and I deserve it !

      What is it that defines you deserving it ?

      I am El Presidente' and I work hard !

      Isn't making a profit importante' ?

      You tell me ! Look at my SEC filings and tell me what you think is more importante' to PURE !!!!

      Well El Presidente', with all due respect, by all appearances to a rational and thinking person, it appears that it is a more importante' objective for PURE to continue paying you and your self serving minions their nepotinistic-like salaries than it is to achieve success and sell SDC.

      Well ....... so what ........ I work hard at that !!!

      This is a hypothetical scenario and all imho of course. Actual results may vary depending on your girth and weight.

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