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  • seattle49 seattle49 Jun 27, 2013 1:47 PM Flag

    What might a field test hype type PR signal ? Cash flow positive is just around the corner again ?

    SAN DIEGO, Calif., November 29, 2007 -- PURE Bioscience (OTCBB: PURE), creators of patented silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC), the active ingredient in a revolutionary new hard surface disinfectant which kills Staph/MRSA as well as other human pathogens, provided the following overview of the comments about the Company�s positive business outlook made yesterday by the Company�s CEO, Michael L. Krall, at a presentation and breakout session before the Wall Street Analyst Forum in New York.

    Krall reiterated his belief, as stated last month at a previous presentation, that PURE expects to close in the next 30 � 90 days on four new significant licensing/distribution agreements currently in process with new partner companies. He also reiterated that, for a number of reasons, calendar 2008 would be a �break out year� for the Company, and that he expects PURE to be cash flow positive no later than the second calendar quarter. Krall said that he �vehemently disagrees� with a published analyst report which estimates profitability in 2011. The Company completed an $8 million equity financing last month and, based upon the present business plan, does not anticipate the need to raise additional capital in the foreseeable future.

    Krall also mentioned that PURE has shipped bulk Cruise ControlTM product to one of its distributors for implementation in field testing by two cruise lines. Cruise Control is a new SDC-based dilutable concentrate product to be marketed to the cruise ship industry. As verified in independent, third party laboratory tests, Cruise Control is the first hard surface disinfectant to offer 24-hour residual protection against Norovirus.

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    • seattle49
      I know you are a sharp thinker and you take time to research your posts because I have been reading them for years.

      Please put your dislike for Mr. Krall aside and give us your opinion as to the likelihood of these results leading to a sales contract. If there is a sizable sales contract in place, what do you think the odds are of a significant funding arrangement leading to multiple sales contracts? Please no reference to forward looking statements and other rhetorical devices.

      I think these test results are spectacular and I will bet the unnamed company does too. I think there will be a significant sales contract coming directly out of this and PURE will raise enough money to sign follow on contracts with multiple parties. At that point I think PURE will have the corporate assets in place to raise big money and we will be profitable and rolling by the end of the year. I will be buying more stock as the opportunity presents itself.



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      • 2 Replies to faykarley
      • faykarley
        I neither like nor dislike Krall personally. I'm fortunate enough not to know him personally. That being said however, he has been the El Presidente and CEO responsible for running this game since 1993. I dislike the attitude he's exhibited in the abject failure known as the publicly traded company known as PURE Bioscience. The phrase " history tends to repeat itself " is unmistakably appropriate & applicable and has been glaringly so for PURE and El Presidente' imho.

        Beyond that, the way you pose your hypothetical not only ties my hands but you have already alluded to the answer. Similar to someone asking for the truth while saying don't tell me anything I don't want to hear.

        There is nothing in PURE's performance and PR history which might suggest today's farcical PR will bear any more fruit [ or success ] than anything they've hyped in the past. It is in that context which a reasonable person would look at the so-called test results and not settle for the status quo or anything less than credible and verifiable information to substantiate the claims made today. We've heard it before. Home Depot. Cleveland Clinic. Cruise Lines. India. Brazil. Mexico. Many others. Each came with hype similar to today's edition of the routine.

        PURE has already raised big money, copping millions of it for themselves and insiders' pockets .... leaving the so-called company with in excess of $68,000,000 of accumulated losses. A deliberate thumb in the eye of those who have funded his game based on his worthless pontification.

        I wish you success in your investments.

      • Holy Toledo, there is a CLODPOLL left? FayKarley? You too can invest like Mr Lee.
        Call Krall and send in some cash for .25 cent shares and warrants unregistered or
        better yet wire the money to him direct to his house. If you have been around for years
        and still believe anything they say you are truly the "LAST CLODPOLL". I think you
        have acquired Krall Stockholme syndrome. It leads to a far lighter wallet and
        self jawboning in a mirror multiple times a day.

    • Wash, Rinse , Repeat and hope the CLODPOLL shows up to fund the circus.
      Not likely, even RED is DEAD, KEW BLEW, and ROBERTWRIGHT exited stage
      left. All that matters now is staying out of BK so the deferred salaries

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