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  • caddor35 caddor35 Oct 7, 2005 1:08 AM Flag

    You are all idiots

    All this crap of how bad the company is doing? Geez look at reality. The company has screwed up a few times yet look at the big picture. Rocker has attacked and the SEC and you can do nothing about it. NAVR does not care one bit. The best thing you can do is take your hands off the keyboards and hope Rocker doesn't drag us down more. The key word now is "CFO" did you here me "CFO" . The announcement of a good CFO will help NAVR. nothing else. Send NAVR emails, letter, phone calls. We need a CFO. Rocker will not be able to manipulate a 720 million dollar company with a stong CFO... You guys are all over NAVR for their mistakes, yet you know that Rocker is just manipulating the price down so when earnings come out and we drive back up to 7 they will not lose any money. Rocker is guaranteed to make money if we are sitting in the 5's. If you really want to help send emails, letters, phone calls to the SEC, and your congress man. geez

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    • I see my earlier reply did not post because I put a link in it.
      You are right sir!
      I was using MSN for my ownership numbers. They are wrong. If you look at Nasdq you see that the mutual funds MSN seperates and adds back into the float% ownership are already included in the institutional ownership.


    • the 5 mil is included in the isnt.......its inst and mutual funds........i just call it all inst......its easier to type.

      btw u are correct about the CC......its NOT a meeting open to the public......u can call in however.

      however its not a bad idea to get a group together and tour the company.......and i think management will sit down and talk to u......at this point management needs all the support it can get......and can not afford to piss any more shareholders off.

    • I'm sorry owl but this always bugs me every time I read it. You always forget the 5 million mutual funds own. This means 3 million real shares left (which I own 7000 of unborrowed supposedly thank you) and 10.5 million sold short which makes for a total retail balance of about 12 million.


    • You dummy. What percent of the distribution sales are music and dvds?

    • respecting_fraudbears_big_losses respecting_fraudbears_big_losses Oct 7, 2005 10:54 PM Flag

      How much do you think it would cost NAVR to shut down its distribution and how much does the ditrbution contribute to the overpaid management salary and how much less profitable would the other segments be without the distribtion taking some of the fixed costs? Understand business before you make ignorant statements!

    • A year ago, analysts predicted that "on demand" would kill Netflix. Lecontinental:) PS http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=NFLX

    • You obviously know nothing of NAVRs distribution segment.

      What percent of distribution sales is music or video?

      You canned yam.

      You don't understand their growth plans either.

    • Snicker......end of the world, ain't it?

    • respecting_fraudbears_big_losses respecting_fraudbears_big_losses Oct 7, 2005 9:24 PM Flag

      BUYOUT? Why would TThanyone buy NAVR? The dostribution business is dying. APPLE is coming out with a Video IPOD. Tis compnay is a deadhorse.

    • management doesn't get it either.....but here is how its works.......i think yahoo is percent of float not OS.......at naz they have inst at 18.3 mil as of june 30......management holds like 4 mil.......so i just rounded down.....management and inst hold 22 mil shares out of 30......so it would seem that retail only holds 8 mil shares.......however shortie borrowed 10.5 mil(how i don't know cuz there is only 8 mil to borrow, hence the sho list) and then sold them......someone is holding those 10.5 mil shares and it must be retail cuz its didn't show up under inst or management #'s......thats how i come up with 18 mil......but here is the weird part......if a buy out happens they will use cash and demand the shares.......even if inst hold all their shares in paper(which i doubt) they still could come up with the other 8 mil cuz i doubt any retail holds paper(i don't yet but do plan to move NAVR to a cash account and demand the paper)......if u got 8 mil paper shares U GOT 8 MIL VOTES NO IF ANDS OR BUTTS ABOUT IT.....and my guess is that they could come up with another 5 mil before the inst realize what was happening.....think about all the smaller ones, there are something like 100 inst holders in NAVR.......bascially what will happen is those that don't hold paper shares will be the ones that are considered to have loaned out their shares even if they really didn't....and no longer have voting rights......this is why this whole its not important to deliver shares is BS......if this happens and some inst doesn't want to vote for the buyout but can't cuz it doesn't have the paper......well u can expect alot of bitch'n......and lots of lawyers.....and are friend rocker will be standing smack dab in the middle of it.

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