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  • mak424 mak424 Nov 11, 2005 4:03 PM Flag

    Non Gaap and Gaap

    Nobody commented on my topic earlier and I am going to repost this again.
    CKCM built their business with acquisitions and have a lot of amortization to write off every quarter so starting two quarters ago they began posting a Non Gaap and Gaap earnings which the Non Gaap earnings are the numbers that are followed by analysts and the street. I think we should email NAVR and tell them to include both these numbers in their report as it can not hurt the stock and more than it already is.
    Comments appreciated and emails sent really appreciated

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    • The probably will.

      Here is another way to look at it. Anybody care to guess what the underlying EBITDA was through Dec 31st last year when the company was trading at $18 a share???? Verses what it is for the first 6 months of this fiscal year?

      Loans get paid off, amortization expires, EBITDA (and cash) represents the health of the business model folks.

    • It is a standard practice that companies with significant amortization report both eps and cash flow earnings per share. Comcast's pe is 48 and ebitda multiplier is only 7 times.

    • I think thats a really good idea Mak. I actually looked at CKCM, I have traded that stock before, and I think that would be worthwhile to do, email NAVR, actually try to get to the finance department, Diane and leave haug a message too. Even if Haug isnt returnign phone calls, he is getting them. :).

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      • CKCM is very volatile and I love trading it. THe analysts only care about the Non Gaap numbers as it even says somewhere on yahoo that it beat the street by 6 cents. Look at the way they explain the financials and they break out every part of the amortization for ever new business acquired. If Navr would do this then their non Gaap number would blow out the estimate becasue that is the number that matters. CASH IS KING.