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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Jan 18, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    Glad I own this at $1.558 avg. Wish i owned more

    Those had me hesitant as well.

    However, if you're just going by what Y! shows on the insider transactions page, it does not include additional CFO buy yesterday - another 16,000 shares - my report has it this morning.

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    • Have you been through their filings ?

      EXA has had some insider selling too.

      And sometimes companies require executives to own certain amounts or even tie options & grants to open market purchases.

      I am looking for stocks to buy but not many seem to fit my criteria.

      I was buying TTI at $6.25, $6.01 and $5.59 a few months back and its up to $8.25 so that ones done well. And a few jan bounce stocks have bounced. LEE, ROIAK & TECUMA.
      BAMM hasnt.

      Still have too much cash sitting on the sidelines with more on the way as Im getting cashed out of a few situations soon. DGTC, KENT & ALDA & CYBI.

      Anything else you like ?

      Where did you see me before ? What stock ?

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      • Below is some of the "deals" that insiders get for buying stock. So we have to be careful because we do not get the same incentive they do in deals like the WTSLA CEO below...

        .... shares of restricted stock which will be awarded on a one-for-one basis for each share of the Company’s Class A Common Stock purchased by Mr. Goodman within 90 days of his commencement of employment having an aggregate value, based on the purchase price paid by Mr. Goodman, of up to $650,000 and will vest in three equal installments on each anniversary of Mr. Goodman’s commencement of employment subject to his continued employment and his retention of the purchased stock.

      • We've run in to each other on a number of other stocks where there's insider activity - which we obviously both had interest.

        I'm aware of the WTSLA situation - have been watching it on and off for months. Having had a heck of a time with PSUN, which did have a strong balance sheet before having it's problems, once I finally/eventually get out of it, I won't touch apparel/retail any longer - too faddish and I don't want to be having to rely on teenagers for the success of my investments. I bought enough of it a few weeks ago that I'm near break even and things are looking up finally. So, though WTSLA is interesting, I won't touch.

        Thanks for those other things you're looking at - I'll have to check them out.

        I just purchased some INOD yesterday. There's been insider purchasing, and I think once they post a profit with the coming earnings announcement for last quarter, Dec 2011 quarter (had a loss) will drop off and they will be in good shape - stock should trade higher. I wanted to buy at $3.50 or $3.75 but got tired of waiting. So I bought some now, and will buy more if it heads lower in the near term.

        The other which I like is NTWK - lots of continual insider purchasing. They did a 1 for 10 reverse split months ago and that scares most people off. However, they've been profitable all along, insiders have kept buying, and after the reverse split, because there are so much fewer shares, EPS is going to be much higher as a result. So the stock can easily double or triple and still not be anywhere near what it was trading at before the reverse split.

        Trading volume on both of the above isn't huge so there is a bit of a spread and sometimes I've had to watch closely for a week or so to get shares at a decent price. Longer term I have no doubt the current price will be a bargain, but I'm still anal trying to get the best price buying.

      • I saw the selling of EXA shares by CEO but figured it was to cash out a little after going public and expiration of lockup period, which is nothing unusual.