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  • mognj mognj May 17, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Stocks don't go straight up!!!!!!!

    RSI way overbought. New support appears to be $2.50, up from $2.30. Another buy around $2.50 will be inorder. This is coming down short term and then.....we move again! Take some profits now, buy back at a lower price!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • May be time to revisit this friend.

      Surely support is higher now (probably between $2.70 and $2.75), but I know you are well aware of the RSI reading at the moment at 95 - significantly higher than on May 17. I think you also know it is unsustainable at that level.

      You said it yourself - "Stocks don't go straight up!!!!!!!"

    • You're sounding like a freak'n broken record already. Enough - just enjoy it while it's there.

      If someone took your advice (like you did yourself) previously, sold, and had their repurchase in for $2.05 (like you did) they never got to repurchase.

      Buy and hold works fine. You want to try to squeeze an extra 10 or 20 cents out of it - be my guest. It's not worth it if we're in for a nice ride higher. There's no reason to book the gains to have to pay taxes this year. We're in for a long-term move higher and there's no reason to give up shares now that I've been sitting on for 5, 6, and 7 years for a measely (potential) 10 or 20 cents.

      The moves down through this uptrend have been short and bounce back with lots of strength.

      This is not the old NAVR - not from a company perspective, nor a trading one. I would think you'd have figured that out by now.

      You want to keep trying to trade it - go ahead. Your pleas for everyone to sell, take profits, and buyback are getting silly already.