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  • STCG STCG Dec 31, 1998 10:29 PM Flag

    **** SEC ALERT ****

    i have reason to believe that certain traders on this thread are being paid by navarre corp to hype the stock.

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    • We have reason to believe that STCG is short
      manipulator of stock who doesn't disclose his position in
      stocks and tries to post lies all over boards about
      them. He will be reported to the SEC who are starting
      to turn their attention to this type of activity. At
      a recent conference in NY, the head of internet
      enforcement, John Reed Stark, expressed great interest in this
      type of activity by shorts, which was brought up by
      numerous people attending. BTW, I am a long-term long who
      loves to mess with dipsh*t shorts. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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      • From today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel....shows
        that companies are watching what the YAHOO posters are

        Firm sues man over Internet claims
        Medical Security claims New Berlin man defamed it on
        By Kathleen Ostrander
        Special to the
        Journal Sentinel
        January 01, 1999
        Janesville -- A
        New Berlin man allegedly posted derogatory messages
        about Green Bay-based American Medical Security Inc. on
        Internet bulletin boards, according to a lawsuit the firm
        filed in Rock County Circuit Court.

        The suit
        alleging that the firm was defamed and its business hurt
        named Mark Poklar of New Berlin as the defendant. An
        earlier version of the suit had named Jane, John and
        James Doe as defendants.

        Poklar's attorney
        could not be reached for comment. Reached at home in
        New Berlin, Poklar said he had no comment.

        His attorney has until mid-January to file an answer
        to the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified compensatory
        and punitive damages.

        Howard Pollack, one of
        the attorneys representing American Medical, said
        Yahoo!, the Internet provider that ran the bulletin
        boards on which the alleged defamatory messages were
        posted, gave the name of Mark Poklar when it was

        "They (Yahoo!) have no liability here,"
        Pollack said. "This doesn't fall under First Amendment
        protection for them. We got a court order and they

        Pollack and his co-counsel, Tom Basting
        of Janesville, said this is the first suit of its
        kind that they have handled.

        According to the
        amended lawsuit, Poklar, using the names of
        "misterclutch," "sam the sham," "sam and the shams" and "AMS ee"
        posted messages disparaging the financial status of the
        company, as well as its management, assets, sales and
        marketing network.

        In one of the messages, "AMS ee"
        claimed to be an employee of the company and made
        derogatory remarks about company management.

        declined to say whether Poklar works or worked for
        American Medical Securities. Corporate communications
        representatives of the company did not return calls.of the
        company did not return calls.


      • Is STCG a short, or is he a "criminal, hyping,
        lying, long?"

        Check out this one, from this very

        SEC Form S1 - Net Radio IPO Just Filed!!!
        by: STCG
        13496 of 20283
        Have a friend @ the center.

        ---------------------------------------------------------- Posted: Dec 8 1998 3:50PM EST as a reply to: Msg
        1 by YahooFinance

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