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  • STCG STCG Jan 2, 1999 3:02 AM Flag


    you will only add fuel to the fire,,, this stock
    will go up when it produces a valid reason to do so,
    or it will fall back to $5/shr if ipo is
    hype-shit,,, in any event i will continue to be all over this
    board like fly-paper in an effort to warn the
    unsuspecting public of the goings-on involved with this

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    • Brilliant and so informative. What happened - was
      that five minutes after you sent your email about your
      revelation when their auto-responder email confirmation came
      back to you?

      "Thank you for your email....we
      will investigate and get back to you on it"

    • kkkkkkkkkk.......

    • >
      My buy range went from $5-$7 down to $2
      after receiving e-mail confirmation from CNBC of their
      interest in looking into the NAVR stock

      You posted your $5 to $7 buy range on Thursday at
      7:30PM. When exactly did you receive this "e-mail
      confirmation from CNBC"? And who at CNBC exactly is it from?
      I'm sure that the whole CNBC crew were just hard at
      work all day long on New Years day and today

      Think quick - you're digging yourself deeper.

    • My buy range went from $5-$7 down to $2 after receiving e-mail confirmation from CNBC of their interest in looking into the NAVR stock scam.

    • >
      Wanna buy more NAVR? Fine, just wait
      'till the SEC and CNBC get done trashing this shit, it
      may be priced right @ $2/shr!

      wait, you said your buy range was $5 to $7. You're so
      smart - buy it between $5 and $7 with the expectation
      that it will go to $2! You said that 2 nights ago.
      Were guzzling the booze a little early?

      I think
      you need to work on your story a little more so you
      don't contradict yourself so much - don't worry though,
      I'm still confident it can be a

      That's how I play shit-stocks and it's been a good
      formula for successful gains.

      Except for
      the money you've already lost on NAVR.

    • Wanna buy more NAVR? Fine, just wait 'till the SEC and CNBC get done trashing this shit, it may be priced right @ $2/shr!

    • After listening every notes in this thread I have
      made up my mind. I am buying another 2K of

      I like their netradio site..and everyday when I
      come to my laboratory I put it on in the background of
      my PC. Most of my colleagues also play up this

      Instead of AOL...(someone suggested me to buy that for
      long term growth) I prefer this one. For its music,
      cheap and have great potential. Wish I could buy some
      NTRD..but in vain.

      SEC should investigate why the
      brokerage firm /underwritters are only allowed to sell the
      IPOs on the market in the same day-- while individual
      investors are forbidden to do so (they have to keep the
      stock for minimum of 2/3 months)! Seems SEC is cozing
      up to the fat rich guys! This is purely UNJUST!
      SEC--can you reply to me?

    • Navr and other internet stocks have the
      protential to become giants in this market, just like AOL,
      Yahoo, and others. Internet stocks have finally gained
      some respect. Only a year ago their present were
      questionable. I keep reading post on this board and others
      about how we're about to lose everything that we have
      put into this internet craze. I see a totally
      different picture. The internet stocks are on the rise and
      will continue to mushroom for the next decade, or well
      into the next millennium. The masses of investors and
      a few wanna be's see an amazing growth opportunity.
      For the people that can't realize that we're at the
      beginning of an era for some great investment
      opportunities, I feel sorry for them. Bidding for 1999 will
      begin Monday 1-4-99. Everyone now knows about the
      internets and are ready to bid up the prices of these
      stocks. If you have been following the internet stocks
      for a couple of years you've seen a dramatic upswing
      in 1998. This craze will continue to grow. It's time
      to pay attention to the internet companies. I
      recommend that while the prices are low that everyone get
      invested. If your a sideliner, then quit posting negative
      post on this board and just leave the investors that
      do invest alone. Internet companies are everywhere
      in the news. New IPO's should come out at the rate
      of five per week starting in 1999 and beyond.
      Currently, there are over 3000 companies that are just
      waiting to get into the internet business. To-date, only
      a very small percentage have actually gotten into
      the internet business. Do you think that these
      companies are going to set on the sidelines while other
      companies are reaping sales from their internet web sites?
      I don't think so! Internet stocks are not just a
      hobby anymore. These internets sites are for real and
      should be around for many years before a new modem of
      communication arrives. The New modem will be in satellite
      communication which is about 10 years away. Investor that see
      this once in a life time possibility are going to get
      in this ballgame. For all the negative posters what
      do you think? If you really owns stock in this
      internet company how can you assault it, the way you do.
      Protential investor who maybe saw an encougaging post might
      take the advice and purchase some navr stocks. Which
      would be beneficial to all us Navr stock owners. I'
      along with other Navr stock owners that have not
      realized from navr the expectations that we initially had
      hoped for, are just waiting until this stock takes off.
      Have you checked the volume out for AOL, Ebay, Ubid.
      They are way out of the price range for the average
      investor. So, Navr and others like URSF, OSFT, RIMS,and
      SIRC are stocks that can still be invested in for a
      ride to higher ground. Thanks everyone for your time.

    • Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Get used to
      it. This is supposed to be a place to discuss the
      possibilities of NAVR going UP, DOWN or Sideways. Stop boring
      the rest of us.

      Happy New Year

    • The revolving credit facility with Congress
      Financial (otherwise referred to as the "$45 million credit
      facility)--with which they meet operating capital requirements
      instead of maintaining cash on hand--is short-term debt,
      rather than long-term debt. A company can arrange
      short-term lendings wherever they wish/can, and an S & P
      rating is not a prerequisite for this.

      I checked
      the S & P website and this is a new rating, rather
      than an upgrade to an existing one. What I haven't
      been able to find out, yet, is what this is a new
      rating OF.

      I have never had an interest in I visited their site a week before the ballyhooed
      IPO, and by comparison with NetRadio, both technically
      and content-wise in my opinion, it's a dog. That's
      not a commentary on the stock, just a statement of my
      reason for not being interested in investing in it: I
      can't understand why people would buy the stock after
      seeing the product.

      My Rule #1, always: "For the
      period I plan to own this stock,what is going to make
      more people want to buy it than will want to sell it,
      because that is the only thing that will make a stock
      price rise."

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