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  • rationalobserver rationalobserver Jan 25, 1999 5:37 PM Flag

    LONGs - if you are palying this puppy fo

    earnings, you better put you rmoney elsewhere.
    This is simply a ply on the IPO - if the IPO does not
    go, NAVR will be back into the singles digits in a
    heartbeat. So stop whining about earnings, will ya? I am
    LONG and could care less about earnings - the IPO is
    the ONLY game here my friends.

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    • I believe high for NAVR in intraday trades will
      be ,,,,,,,
      by: JustcuzILikeit (40/M) 26812 of
      $45 - $50 pre IPO. This is why. DBCC had a
      high of $46 1/8 only 3 days before actual IPO of MKTW.
      MALL had a high of $63 only 7 days before IPO of UBID.
      Neither had any pre-IPO promises of shares for DBCC or
      MALL shareholders. NAVR will undoubtedly follow the
      same path, maybe a little higher with the small float
      and especially if good earnings are announced. Supply
      and demand may rule. Also, when it gets up to this
      level, a lot of $2-$3-$4 shareholders will begin profit
      taking, and shorts will abound. This will drive the price
      down from it's high. It would be in our best interest
      to put a stop loss order trailing the market by $2 -
      $3 about a week before actual IPO. Both DBCC and
      MALL dropped about $10 on day of IPO. MALL rebounded
      nicely, and showed it was worth selling before and
      getting back in on a dip after IPO. DBCC results remain
      to be seen as Friday was the open and they dropped
      almost $10 per share.,,,,, Actual IPO is a different
      story. NETRADIO is likely to follow the path of MKTW and
      UBID. MKTW's intraday high Friday was $131. UBID hit a
      high of $189, but good luck getting a decent price on
      it. The low for the day during actual trading for
      MKTW was $69. I don't consider that a great jumpin
      price without actually knowing it would eventually hit
      $131. Either way, properly played, we can all make
      quite a bit of money 2 -3 even 4 times off NAVR before
      its exhausted. I LOOK FOR $40 - $45 AS A GOOD SELL
      TARGET, or at least to start placing stop loss orders and
      re-buying on a dip. JUST IMO

    • check this out. dlia announced after the close today that they will spin-off an ipo.

      stock should be up big tomorrow!!!!!!

      go dlia!!!!

    • DBCC pre-IPO. Appreciate all your rational pragmatism.

    • It seems that everybody's in a "let's wait and
      see" mode.
      If anybody is good at interpreting
      candlestick patterns, I
      have a question. Aside from today,
      didn't we just form
      a "Morning Doji Star" with a
      confirmation (daily charts)?

    • I am long NAVR but when you see things like what
      happened with DLIA it make you wonder about NAVR's
      management. DLIA talked about possibily doing an IPO on their
      e-commerce portion of their business about 3-4 weeks ago.
      THEIR IPO. How in the world does this happen ... they
      beat NAVR to the punch when NAVR has been talking
      about an IPO since June of 1998. I moved my investment
      to NAVR from DLIA because I thought NAVR would beat
      them to the punch ... BOY WAS I WRONG. Hope NAVR
      announces IPO soon (with earnings would be best - and this
      week - they were supposed to announce earnings TODAY).
      It bad enough to get pissed of but to piss on
      yourself in the process sucks. Just venting my

      • 1 Reply to SysProjectManager
      • I empathize with your feelings, I also get that
        feeling as with numerous longs, on all boards.
        We keep
        hearing on how experienced this managememt team is, so my
        interpretation is that this is the final stage of fine
        for announcements.They know the sentiment of the
        market,and know that it changes very quickly, and they must
        make some positive announcement, (will it be on the
        conference call? I hope I feel that something has to be said
        at this juncture, they must appreciate this is a hot
        issue now, and to leave it would not be a wise move,
        the stock price would drift aimlessly, they have to
        give shareholders some form of confidence,to retain
        momentum, if the management team is not more precise with
        timing issues, sentiment would be lost.Anyone support
        these feelings?

    • There is really not much actions today except the
      early morning's rush. The volumn was less than the
      normal, a good sign on a down day because NAVR holders
      are not selling!!! There were some weak hands got
      shaken off today at high 15's and low 16's,
      congratulations to those who got in/bot more at these levels

      I do not think the earning releases will
      have any major impacts on stock prices, as far as I
      know, street doesn't have any estimates on NAVR's
      earnings and what everyone looking for are the forward
      statements during the conference call.

      Look for
      exciting leaks on the IPO news during the conference (the
      formal announcement will probably close to 2/9/99). Let
      see, conference will start at 11am Pacific time, by
      noon, stock prices should rock to 18s, looking for low
      20s by the end of tommorow. The next day should rise
      a few points before the bell...

      My friends
      were surprised by the stock price today, it actually
      fluctuated to high 15s, they bot more and are now

      Mr. ZOOM

    • There were some pretty big trades made at the close, {eg.5400shares} what do you make of this? did someone find out
      something we did'nt?.

    • But I think that a lot of people (myself
      included) are hoping that during the earnings announcement,
      they mention something about the IPO, if not the
      filing of the S1 itself. But I agree that the actual
      earnings at this point are relatively insignificant.

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