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  • ajitmd2000 ajitmd2000 Jan 6, 2006 7:29 PM Flag

    Virus Dynamics

    With a virus like HepC, HIV... what are the dynamics of eradication? How do resistant strains develop over time? What is the best strategy for treatment?

    Anybody familiar with HIV treatment may have some insight and how it differs from the HepC virus and treatment.

    I am long this stock, but I can hardly believe the market cap of the phase2 company!


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    • going to 50+
      Novartis or PFE will buy them out.

    • How does the IDIX nucleoside analog work? Sideffects, toxity? Efficacy? Since it is a different point of action it may be usefull in combo, initial or relapse.

      I read about the company

      Novartis owns 54% and the market cap is a measely $1B. I am not dogmatic about these companies, and I need to do a lot more reading. Still, I would like to know the opinion of this esteemed board.

    • mutants, mutants, mutants......Do you remember the best way to get rid of them when you were being swarmed?

      There was that little white button near the right thumb for the smart bomb. Got me through many a screen while waiting for the next 5th level to get my people back.

      (to all above who wonder what in the world I am talking about, there was a video game reference to Defender last week).

    • duh, if resistance developed, they wouldn't have gotten 4 out of 8 to <10, 2 more to <30, 1 other was close to that, and the other was trending that way, and very low. That is what was reported on the news at 12:40.

      You know, of course, that at TID there was no resistance in the prior 1b, and since this data is better, you shouldn't expect to find it either.

    • William,
      No I am not a candidate for 950, i did respond to the drugs I am testing now. The 950 trials I am aware of are looking to test naive patients. Yes when I say my clinical site I mean a major university hospital.

    • I did 48 wks pegasys/Rib and I can tell you that the last 24 wks were much tougher than the first.

      My own opinion is that the stress of tx is cumulative, the longer it goes on the harder on the body.

      If VX 950 could lower the standard to say....12 weeks, regardless of genotype, it would be huge.

    • No, I haven't heard any of those things. My take is, the quicker you go undetectable, the less you have to treat. There aren't supposed to be those hidden reservoirs. If they did, then it wouldn't matter if you treated 6 months or 6 years-either the drug is going to get there or it isn't.
      As far as less sides with IFN, I would think that would only happen if the dosage was lowered. Also, a much shorter course of IFN would mean some of the issues that come up with long term usage wouldn't apply. I suspect that at the same dosage as today, with 950, the IFN sides would be the same. I am no doc. though, just my opinion.

    • Thanks ewave,
      I am a relapsed responder who was treated with the standard 48 week Pegasys and so I have a double intrest in the fortunes of VRTX. Seems to me that VX-950 would need to be part of a therapy that would last for at least 6 months due to all the places in the body (bone marrow, teeth, ect.?) where the virus might hide. I was told though, that with a drug like VX-950 the interferon side effects might be much reduced because the VX-950 would reduce the level of virus so much. Ever heard of this? This was told to me by a really experienced doc in the hep C field.

    • I am sure he will be along to respond and clarify, but he has posted before he was a previous non-responder who was part of the MMPD trial, and as far as I know, has still been successful.

    • gdubya,
      That is very interesting. When you say "your site" you mean the clinic where you are a patient? I guess you have heard of Dr. Cecil. THough not a patient of his I have corresponded by e-mail with him and he appears to be very hopeful about VX-950. Are you in line for the VX-950 clinical trial? Please keep us posted.

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