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  • ajitmd2000 ajitmd2000 Jan 25, 2006 8:02 PM Flag

    P2 Expectations

    Based on the recent trial results, what kind of results can we extrapolate for the upcoming P2 with 200 pts? More important, what kind of results is the market expecting... that will cause the price of stock to tank? Can somebody give the skinny on the structure of the trials, end points, etc?


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    • Than y donet u tel us wat u no, trol?

    • It is a full time job pointing out your mistakes (er, intentional lies). I was telling you that VRTX had all above 6 logs, 2 above 7.
      Do you stand by your statement that everyone in their trial except one was less than 6 logs?
      Or are you admitting you were wrong?

    • ewave - we don't need the facts, we just need that magic 8-ball!!!! Go stymie!!!

    • keep dat ball stymie!
      I like it, I love it, I want some more of it
      Oh thats a football song sorry LOL

    • I just thought of something.
      Your lie would actually STRENGTHEN the profile of VX-950 LMAO

      It is publised that they got a 5.5 log reduction in 2 weeks. 4 <10, 2<30, 1 @35, and another about 400 or so.
      7 of 8 then were 35 copies or less.
      If you are claiming that everyone started with less than 6 logs, you are basically saying they got everyone to 0 in 2 weeks.

      Which is it wind breaker?

    • "BTW...the 350+ patients in the two IDIX Ph2 studies all had baseline viral load >6 logs."

      _snicker_ Is that why the stock is doing so well, lately?

      Do you know anything about VL day-to-day fluxuations?

    • thanks for another lie. It was 2 patients greater than 7 logs. Quite a difference eh? as you know less than 6 logs is less than 1 million copies. Add a 0. Yes, locate the post where I said less than 6 logs. Good luck.

      Everyone else, read the IDIX board, especially from around early Nov. There aren't many posts there, but it is entertaining.

    • "I dunno"

      Since you always say you don't know anything (which has been proven) why waste the time to post it?

    • Instead of being lazy and guessing, I should have just posted this the first time.

      "Phase II Development Plans
      The objectives of the 28-day Phase II study announced today are to evaluate the safety, tolerability and pharmacodynamics of VX-950 dosed at 750 mg every eight hours with standard doses of pegylated interferon and ribavirin. Vertex expects to obtain 28-day results from this initial Phase II study in the first quarter of 2006. Following completion of 28 days of treatment, patients will receive the standard of care. In early 2006, Vertex expects to initiate a three-month Phase II clinical study in more than 200 treatment-naive subjects. A major objective of this three-month study, in addition to an evaluation of safety, will be to measure HCV RNA at the end of treatment and post-treatment as a measure for sustained viral response, potentially enabling a decision to move to Phase III clinical development of VX-950. Vertex also plans to initiate multiple other clinical studies throughout 2006. "

    • I believe it is the same as 1b-750 3x per day, plus IFN at whatever dose they used before.

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