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  • tarvacin_miracle_drug tarvacin_miracle_drug Jan 28, 2006 11:23 AM Flag

    PPHM HCV results FEB 27

    PPHM has a monoclonal antibody caslled Tarvacin that has a unique mechanism of action by targeting the HOST CELL as opposed to the virus itself. VRTX's VX-950 is a protease inhibitor that prevents viral replication, Tarvacin attaches to virally infected cells and the bodies own white blood cells destroy the virus. Tarvacin makes a perfect combo canidate for VX-950. But the bottom line here is Tarvacin is looking to become a REPLACEMENT FOR INTERFERON. When cells become infected with a virus, or with cancer for that matter, they expose s substance on their surface called a phospholipid. Tarvacin targets these phospholipids. Again, they are only exposed on the surface of the cell if the cells are infected, so Tarvacin wont affect healthy cells. Peregrine announed last week that they were ending their HCV trial "several months ahead of schedule" This is a phase one, but unlike VRTX they got to start on SICK PATIENTS, not healthy volunteers. This was/is a single dose escalation study. Only the "non-responders" were allowed into the trial. The trial is being done at Bach & Godofsky, the largest private infactious disease clinic in the U.S. Also, last week Dr. John McHutchinson showed up on PPHM's website as an SRB member. He is the top HCV guy at Duke University. Tarvacin has also pre-clinically shown effective against every enveloped virus- Influenza, HIV, CMV, Marburg, Ebola, Avain Flu, SARS, etc. Do your own DD here. Tarvacin is also in Phase 1 trials for any solid tumor. Tarvacin pre clinically has been showen effective on almost all forms of cancer. Stock turned up this week on heavy volume. If you like VRTX I'd take a look at little PPHM, and also understand the enormity of attacking a virus with a monoclonal antibody and also the fact that Virus' cant evade Tarvacin by mutating because Tarvacin is targeting the HOST CELL, not the virus. Incredible science. See for yourself

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    • its the worst board on the internet. Why do you think some PPHM investors visit boards like VRTX. Its to find people who are knowledgeable about the space and who care about making money in biotech.

    • Feb 27 you will learn if Tarvacin works alone too. In the repeat dose trial, Tarvacin WILL work alone IMO. But You need to understand, Tarvacin is an IV injection, ONE TIME. VX-950 you are popping pills all day long. ALL of these drugs get combo'd, so understand that right now. VX-950 will never be used alone. Never. I am not saying Tarvacin will either, its an adjuvent.

    • ick, I will take your word for it.
      Another lesson: Never play poker and post at the same time. You end up repeating yourself in your post.......which could lead to unnecessary redundancy, and also to post the same thing over and over again, even though it was already posted........

      Back to the game.

    • May I ask how much dough PPHM still have at this point and is it planning to issue more shares to pay the bill ? Thanks.
      May I also suggest ewave and others do pay a visit to PPHM board if they want comic relief for the weekend. There you will find discussion about posters private parts, wife beating , that sort of things.

    • no, I don't. Thanks for trying. BTW, 950 has shown the potential to work alone. That will be investigated more later.

      VRTX should look to partner with them huh? LOL
      BTW, 950 does have the potential to work alone. I read no farther, your post was too long, and not important to VRTX.

    • E-wave- PPHM discussion most certainly applies here, as VRTX should look to partner with them. Tarvacin is completely different than anything out there, unlike VX-950. Tarvacin could replace interferon as a standard of care treatment- do you understand how huge that is? The world went crazy for VX-950's results, and VRTX added 2 $Billion in market cap after those initial results were posted. PPHM's entire market cap is 200M. PPHM is saying their drug may not only work for HCV, but Flu, (bird flu as well) HIV, CMV, Ebola, Marburg, ANY ENVELOPED VIRUS. Its targeting the HOST CELL. Again, there is NOTHING LIKE TARVACIN OUT THERE. PPHM has no analysts, nothing. Its an orphan, or an opportunity - however you want to look at it. But the science is THERE and their SRB looks better than Genentech's (not kidding) They just got one of the top Flu experts in the WORLD the other week Dr. Arnold Monto. Their HEP-C advisor was Dr. Albert Price, he who FOUND and NAMED the hepatitis-c virus. Now John Mchutchinson of Duke University has joined their SRB. He's the TOP HCV guy at Duke, tops in the country. The stock took off this week and the volume is there. Stocks like this can go up 10 fold with a winning drug. Tarvacin looks like a miracle drug, let alone a winning drug. Do you want to know about it now, or in another month when results are posted? What if the results are good? It means COVER of Barrons, CNBC special, etc. Why? This could be the replacement for Interferon, that's why. This drug is also treating all forms of Cancer, thats why. They have TOP people doing both cancer and HCV trial, that's why. Avastin has added $70Billion in market cap to DNA. VX-950 has added $2B in mkt cap to VRTX. Imagine if VRTX was filing IND's for Influenza, HIV and CMV all with VX-950. That's what PPHM is going to do. As soon as they have data for the HCV trial (end of FEB) they will file for repeat dose in HCV, then file IND's for Influenza and HIV and CMV. They are doing animals on all those right now, the CMV's are done with 100% survival. Again, imagine if VRTX was filing IND's for Flu, HIV and CMV all for VX-950. What would VRTX's stock be doing then? Thats what PPHM has with Tarvacin. See?

    • Now, THAT is over my head, but still very interesting.

    • never mind, I heard the words different than you meant them the first time. That is one of the problems of this type of communication. Be that as it may, I still think PPHM discussion has it's place, and it is on the PPHM board. The problem is, when a stock has moved like VRTX has, every Tom, Dick, and Harry that wants to pump a stock comes here. It doesn't belong.

    • what are you talking about? I don't visit that board so I am in the dark.

    • Not really It can be here. i wish you posted VRTX before it ran on the PPHM board. Good Luck.

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