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  • rtfa50 rtfa50 Jan 31, 2006 7:24 PM Flag

    Told PPHM Tarvacin looked good

    Alias Tarvacin_Miracle_Drug dick head.
    Must be related to Sybil or the 3 faces
    of Eve. BiPolar instead of Biotech.

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    • tarvacin_miracle_drug tarvacin_miracle_drug Jan 31, 2006 11:15 PM Flag

      uh, WRONG. You are probably seeing other PPHM investors showing up here and vice versa because PPHM is FLYING on HUGE volume last few days as world is waking up to their "miracle drug" Tarvacin. When you see this everywhere and soon don't say you weren't given the heads up "dickhead"! Next time you hear from me is when PPHM is a national story.

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      • Look, many stocks fly, but they are not spammed on this board like PPHM. GOOG crashed and burned after hours, but not 1 short has come on this board to tout it. Probably because that discussion is going on where it belongs. In fact, I don't remember any GOOG spamming when it was flying.
        BTW, when I bought VRTX at 9, PPHM was 1.80.

      • tarvacin miracle,

        i believe it was you who first brought PPHM to this board a while ago. After that post I looked at the data and thought it is worth a shot and bought some. I appreciated that post that brought PPHM to my attention.

        HOWEVER, I do not appreciate your ranting and raving and insults you throw at anyone who disagrees with you. I also do not appreciate all the posting that you do on this board. This is VRTX board not PPHM board. you should do your postings on that board. You may also wish to introduce PPHM on other biotech boards. A list of them could be found on nasdaq biotech index. You have already convinced those on this board who may be inclined to look at stocks like PPHM. All you are doing here is antagonizing VRTX posters.

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