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  • stymie_da_fool stymie_da_fool Feb 23, 2006 9:24 AM Flag

    yo glad (ot)


    Found an interesting company on a pullback - LAYN, seems to be uniquely positioned marketwise and finding support on the 50 ema. How do the financials look?

    I don't know about you but I'm up to my neck right now in stocks so I'm not sure I'm a buyer at the moment, but it's something to keep on the shortlist.

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    • as to exit strategy, you are right. One should not marry a stock. However, those who set a dollar goal for a stock and then get out are also i believe not good strategists. My method every morning is to check all the news I can about a stock, including reading message boards. sometimes posters post news before they are anounced on yahoo, market watch, reuter,etc.). I would then decide what I would do that day. I am fortunate to be in a position to read the news regularly and keep up with the price movements of my holdings during the day (I did not do much of that on a regular basis until a few years ago when I retired--stil working though and getting two checks every month!).

      As to pumping/hyping by Boger, yes one needs to watch out for that. He can get out of hand sometimes (one of the reasons I did not sell when VRTX was about $100 right before the bubble). However in fairness to Boger and Alam, they now always insert the IF THE DRUG IS SUCCESSFUL then x,y, or z would happen such as exubera(sp?) would hit the dust etc.

    • Important to have an exit strategy... with winners and a way to cut losses. With VRTX, I am going to do more reading, talk to the ID folks and molecular types. I want to know more about the mutant profile and toxicity of these drugs.

      In our case, we do have a CEO which I feel should be more conservative in his outlook. Also watch insider sales... I am not good at this, may be somebody here can help. A lot of these sales are planned, still patterns can be seen.

      I remember that in 2000, Chambers, the CEO of Cisco was pumping his stock, giving a 30-40% growth scenario, all while selling a ton of stock... 100s of $M. The CEO of JDSU hit the road in Feb-2006 (went shark fishing to Australia!).


    • Politics though--I draw the line unless it is related to the economic issues

    • Nothing wrong with ideas to make money on other stocks as well. i have gotten excellent tips on this board about other stocks.

    • and I don't own IDIX, never did either, and it isn't one I plan on owning anytime soon either. Just a chart thing. I comment on a number of different charts, including commodities.

    • <EOM>

    • no, I have no reason to think you know me. I just posted on IDIX yesterday because a couple in here follow it, and I like to do TA, and it was a compelling chart.
      Not many would find that bottom.

    • who are you? do I know you?

    • MM, did you take action on my call (BASED ON THE CHART) of IDIX????
      I posted yesterday morning within minutes after it hit its low for the move that 5 waves down was ending, and at least a 3 wave rally was due, and that it was oversold with positive divergences.
      Up almost 10% from that time. Did fundamentals predict that move too????

    • where did I say an internal doctor runs a study .... you bet that the company writes the protocol gets it approved through the FDA and the hired physician then rusn the study at his or her sire after IRB approval what is it that you are jumping all over me for??? I wont stoop to your name calling bec it not professional - I sure hope you are not in one of the reputable pharmas - it would be a sham

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