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  • patentspending2002 patentspending2002 Mar 16, 2006 12:38 PM Flag


    Mayfair, who's the smart one? One that spends 3 years in MANHATTAN and leaves, or the idiot that stays? Does the whole state decry evolution? I don't. I don't have more than one wife either. And based on your first paragraph, I'm not surprised you find pointless TA "interesting". You probably spend your lunch hour watching pigeons too.

    I'm not surprised that someone with "MAYFAIR" as their handle would be an ignore wussie. DOn't tell me, let me guess, you're either a hair stylist, or interior decorator. ...Did you like the stereotypical rhetoric in response to your "book learnin, and evolution" ignorance. New York, the dirtiest state in the US, I went to a bar one night, and spotted 4 guys just spitting lugies on the bar floor as they were talking to women. The scary part was that the Chicks didn't seem to mind...

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