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  • stymie_da_fool stymie_da_fool Mar 29, 2006 10:09 AM Flag

    Am I trippin' or what?


    but is IDIX down on the fabulous news of the day?

    Oh my....I think it is.

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    • Thanks...

      I also own NKTR for their inhaled insulin.

    • Oops...typed too fast HCV instead of HVC - but I'm sure you knew what I meant!

    • Hi, Stymie-

      There is a lot of excitement over the DPP-IV compounds; so far so good for the reasons you mentioned. Some of the compounds in clinical testing are twice a day oral dosing and are done in combination with metformin. Lots of companies racing to market - which company or companies are you betting on?

      With regards to Vertex, combination treatments across broad therapeutic areas are the way to go. RA and HVC are no exceptions..

      Vertex really has something to offer.

    • Stymie: Diabetes and fat? Are you refering to AMLN/Byetta? I got a small position here. It does seem to work for DM Type 2 and does not cause hypoglycemia. The big drawback is that it is injectable. However, the company will be doing P2 on 1/wee LAR version. In that case, it may be attractive to DM2 especially if it works as a monotherapy. BTW, it promotes weight loss.

      The big market would an indication for wt loss. That market is huge... just go visit Walmart and SamsClub. I have never seen anything like this in the world. I do not believe it is genetics either... or thyroid disease! I think food is dirt cheap in this country and is part of the culture: lot of advertisements, fast food with drive-ins with instant gratification, all you eat places. Very cheap entertainment.

      So many drugs have tried to address this market. Plus gastroplasty, liposuction, etc. Walking around, I do not see any changes. However, this wt loss market has to be biggest of them all.

      Do you have an opinion on the drugs addressing this wt loss market?

    • congrats stymie, and good luck with that.
      Also, were you able to understand those charts I sent you last night?

    • Hey, take it easy on Mr Wind. At least he is educated and his posts - even with a certain tilt - are not like DIFAL, etc. Most investors pick a stock that drops... no matter how much DD is done. If it is a good company it will bounce back.

      I would like to know how the IDIX drug is supposed to work, mechanisms of resistance and mechanisms of side effects.

      Anybody remember IMCL? They were developing a CA drug and there were problems and the FDA had issues. Even the CEO and Martha Steward panicked and dumped the stock... it went to mid single digits and then back to $80! I am not saying that IDIX will do the same, but Novartis has interest due to a good reason.

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      • I think the reason IDIX is down further even with the so called good news, is after looking at the details of NVS deal, all of a sudden one realizes that the only sure thing IDIX got is $25M. Any more money from them (other than possibly paying for the cost of the trials) rests upon the suceess of 283 at every step down the line. A lot of people including myself did not realize that the big to do exercise option of NVS did not have much meat in it.

      • Being educated and being truthful are 2 different things though. It isn't right to use one against the other.

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