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  • bibibios bibibios Apr 6, 2006 11:36 AM Flag


    VX950 - THE NEXT BILN 2061

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    • on the IDIX board you were always accumulating.

    • Wind,

      You have lost a lot of money on IDIX and have not made a single buck from VRTX! Instead of giving advices, you should take good and honest advices given by this excellent message board. That way, you will be able to come by your day a little better.

      I fully understand your pain but bashing vx-950 doesn't make mn-283 any better. The fact is mn-283 is toxic and very toxic at 800mg dosage (patients pooped their large intestines out! :)

      One more thing, serious investors wouldn't take arguments like:

      ya, ya... I (IDIX) am strong and smart and all, because my Dady (NVS) is sooo rich and he is supporting me.

      get real!

    • No he was not telling a lie. I bought some IDIX shares a while back and still own them but yet I acknowlege that the tox with the 800 mg was a NEGATIVE and that is why the stock tanked. We simply were caught with our pants down. What you are saying about IDIX's phase II study being a dose range study may be true. However, with the lower dosage of 200 and 400 mg there may not be enough drug to knock enough of the virus for the drug to be considered a competitive drug with all other products that are in a race for HCV treeatment. I wish that was not the case but unfortunately for me it is.

      Any way why are you not at IDIX board trying to calm some of the posters nerves about the discontinuation of the 800 mg and instead you are here bad mouthing VRTX. Tell me why does it concern you that VRTX longs are too optimistic, since you say you are not short VRTX. It just boggles my mind why you are posting here and not at IDIX.

    • Question was answered.

    • parsing words, you know very well I meant future testing. I am sorry that I cannot assume you recognize basic facts, and they must be spelled out for you.
      You do like to play games when you are wrong, that is the only defense you have.

    • Yes, it is true what I was saying....that 800 mg's had the problem, and future testing will be done at lower doses. I guess you are admitting that now?

    • you got it, and do what you normally do with facts that go against ignore them. Next thing you'll tell us is that 283 will work as well at 400 mg's than it did at 800, and it doesn't matter.

    • wind,

      With due respect you are going back to your old ways of lying and telling half-truths. If you do not want to look like a fool you should check your facts before posting. You are giving IDIX a bad name and unfortunately I bought some bacause of your hype!

    • Since last year I have not predicted vrts's movements. Not being a technician, my limited ESP tells me we may have bottomed out. I guess kind of like your crysal ball. -:)

    • so how much do you get from hedge fund guy you are working for, for posting crap/irrelevant data. $1 per post? You need lots of posts for your tonight's meal.

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