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  • dontlook_now701170 dontlook_now701170 Oct 19, 2006 6:43 PM Flag

    The Biotech Sector Is Very Strong

    Check out the chart on http://Biotech-Profits.Org/

    The sector is in a serious uptrend and poised for a double top breakout. If you like buying breakouts then this is the time to make a bet on biotech.

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    • glad, unfortunately, he took your advice and spammed the board. Just because he posted that stuff doesn't mean he actually took action. Anyone can sit in front of a computer and print that stuff. What he does is not my concern. I don't care if he makes or loses money. He has hijacked the board which is supposed to be about VRTX, not dml's personal trading account. If he wants, he could set up a blog.

    • dml
      <<When and IF this stock ever gets to $44, I will have made more than a $20 dollar gain to your $4...pretty dumb, huh???>>
      Hey ok let us keep score. How about if you immediately post your short price and cover price (and possibly the number of shares if you do not mind) and we keep score. That way you can not be accused of cheating by reporting after the fact trades like the time you said you had gone long earlier and had sold at a profit. In other words
      don't tell us you shorted at 44 an hour after the stock opens at 40+. These boards are open for posting 24 hours a day in case you did not know. Hey you never know you may even become the GURU of vrtx investment strategy. So how about it -- post immediately the exact time and price of your vrtx transactions?

    • Not worth the doesn't help anyone. Play your game, I'll play mine.

    • Why did you get gang raped? It was your attitude.

      Yes, you are right for one time. I don't do this for a living.

      I don't trade at turbulence points and try to predict where it will move right after. A few dollar fluctuations don't freak me out.

      I don't scream and try to convince others that I am right because I say so. I don't put arrogant stickers on others' heads.

      One tip for you: better go short now because it might pull back to $38 before it moves up to $45.


    • Are you on some sort of medication program
      for the mentally disturbed ? Actually that wasn't a
      question, so you can delete the question mark.
      Welcome to dml's masochistic world.

    • This is what I find so funny.

      I came across this stock and decided to trade it - for many reasons. I posted, as I usually do, what I see in real-time on the indicators and Level 2. On most boards, I get a FEW posters who get all bent out of shape when I post that I see it's going down but most times there are others who see the same thing using different indicators. We feed off of each other and all become successful.

      On this board, I did the same and got gang raped! What's worse is I didn't many posting near what I was seeing and I was RIGHT!

      Today, I was "on your side" and went long because that's what the market told me to do. I get out becuase $1/day is way more than sufficient than what I need. Now, you are ridiculing me because I quit at a dollar? What was your gain on this stock today? 68 cents. In all honesty, I still think that is GREAT.

      I can tell you one thing that I KNOW is true. You do NOT do this for a living. Your outlook and attitude would eat you alive if you did.

      I don't know everything and I'll never claim to. I'll laugh at myself and call myself a dummy because I don't live in illusions.

      This stock may very well rocket up $5, $20, split or whatever. Then we'd both be winners 'cause we playing 2 different games.

      But my suspicion is that you'd come back on this message board, as you already have done, and say crap like "see, what do you have to say now?" not even knowing that I was right there with you riding it up!

      You're really pathetic, but I'll leave you this out: I'm worse than pathetic because I took the time to try and explain this to you...

    • Dummy,

      keep on dreaming! mortgage and all...

      up a buck and quit? earned enough for the appartment rent?

      what about that $40 resistance? what about that link?

      you have got it all wrong and still dreamed about that mortgage? huh?

      I have to admit that you are the smartest among the retarded.


      here's your $20. happy now?


    • dml_jkl,

      you said:<<so any dummy, including myself,....>>

      At leastonce you said something true that is in your own words you are a dummy!!

    • Whether is goes to up $45 or down to $35, doesn't matter...I'll make money!

      I've been in your shoes before (buy and hope), it frustrated me. It didn't pay the mortgage...but this DOES...AND SOME.

      I'm probably the smartest dummy I know.

      Time to sell, already up a buck for the day...time to quit.

      Hope you get your $45 by the end of the week.

    • will bet at 45 US$ before the week is over and I am glad you finally got smart and went long...

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