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  • magkfrog magkfrog Nov 28, 2006 10:54 AM Flag

    Where's Dick today?

    Nice pop to start the day. CNBC is talking about correction tho, will be interesting to see where we end up after all the volatility quiets down.

    Hey, Dick, did you ever check Idenix board to find out that I am really the frog and not this Virginia person? You wasted a lot of my time yesterday and were rude besides. Hep C drug companies are ALL about the product and Vertex still has the best product.....down days in the market and foolish bashers like you aside. I will be glad when things quiet down. And today, I will skip my usual sign off, because you accused Virginia of using it too. You got it wrong, dude, unless Virginia stole it from me. And if Virginia has Hep C, then she understands, we are the "amazing revenue base" that is talked about constantly. Hoping for a better day.

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    • Thanks frog. It is nice to have you aboard and I wish you a fast recovery when your doctor puts you in the 950 program.

    • his first name is electro...

    • You rock!! Your sentiment covers all things Hep C and being a mutated virus container myself, I like it when folks can post with intelligence and ethics at the same time. All while making money on potentially a great stock!!

    • Who said they need VPHM?

      But hey I have never said that 950 is going to cure every one by itself. First it has to probably be used with the present SOC. Also for those who may have mutations or non responders I hope Other drug companies will be successful to bring other drug alternatives to help these dying patients. I am not a PIG. There are plenty of patients in this country and the world for all the drug vcompanies to make a buck. Unlike you who hopes VRTX to fail, I hope for all these competetors to be successful so that there will be alternatives for patients.

      All I know is that based on the present info, VRTX is the best in class. I also own IDIX and ITMN. I believe polymerses may be an option for some patients and that is why I own some shares of IDIX. I own ITMN only as a crap shoot. In theory their 191 is supposed to prevent any mutants. However, the drug has not been administered to any human being yet and there is no info that I am aware of about potential toxicity issues for 191.

      So why are you posting here any way. I know the answer. You have said you work for a hedge fund. They must be long IDIX and short VRTX. You should bew ashamed of yourself in trying to make a living by being a hedge fund pimp!

    • If Vertex needs Viropharm and IFN and Riba and even a little wonderbread to cure the virus, what the hell difference does it make? Being part of a cocktail will not devalue Vertex at all, I keep telling you and you just don't get's about the product, dude.

      We WILL wait for 48 weeks and then 72 and then, jeez, if it means you will finally chill, we can wait til 2525. Protease inhibitors are a MAJOR part of the final cure and Vertex has the best one. If a polymerease needs to be added, well, pass me the Pepto and I will get after it. I'm sorry NM283 wasn't the magic pill all by itself, but this is a complicated virus and NM gave some folks a pretty bad bellyache.

      But believe it or not, if I got to, I'll take the VX and NM and IFN and Riba with a side of pepto, a dash of benedryl and a taste of advil. That's the true nature of the disease.

    • Hey dickhead,
      Regarding IDIX you said J&J:

      <<have to figure out how to shove Novartis out of the way though, no small challenge. Likely will use armies of lawyers to pull it off. So in a sense, you're correct, they are worth watching.>>
      Now that is a very intelligent post! Novartis already OWNS 57 % of IDIX. The only reason they will let go of IDIX is if IDIX's HCV compound fails or shows very mediocare results. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • but you said this wouldn't make it to p2.

    • Since when is Barron's in charge of "declaring winners"?
      It is getting breezy in, windy in here.

    • Let me understand this. J&J has made a half billion dollar commitment to Vertex so that they can later use armies of lawyers to shove Novartis out of the way to get to IDIX. Brilliant, just Brilliant. Pass the Guiness!!!

    • The way you have licked Novartis' balls reminds me of an old very-well-beaten-up buddy on yahoo board. Windfart that was.

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