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  • magkfrog magkfrog Dec 14, 2006 2:47 PM Flag

    Emerging new protocols.....

    Motley Fool said what I tried to say in an earlier post, to tell someone chemo for 48 weeks or chemo for 12 to 24 weeks, any idea what that means in a life? And to our health care system? And to insurance companies? I learned new words today...."great revenue potential". This snip is why...

    """Importantly, this early response in such a large group of patients also holds the potential for those who take telaprevir to endure debilitating HCV drugs for a much shorter amount of time than the 48 weeks of treatment that most patients for genotype 1 HCV must undergo. This alone will provide a huge potential market for telaprevir."""

    Nuff said.

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    • Oh, chimp,

      Go back and read the report please, okay? Mass production and formulation are such different issues, even a chimp like you can learn the difference. Well, with some 200+ drugs out for HIV already, maybe you can't tell the difference.

      Vertex is already ramped up for commercial production of VX95, you can also find THAT out if you read a bit. Before you open your mouth.

    • Non Event shorty. Too many HIV drugs in the market anyway and it was a royalty based arranagement anyway.

      Dig a lot harder pimp to see if can find anything to bad mouth VRTX. Your hedge fund bosses are becoming very disappointed at you!!

    • GSK can't seem to figure out how to mass produce it. I wonder if VX-950 has that issue? Where have we heard that concern before?

    • frog,

      You make my day with your posts. I laugh and laugh with your witty posts that burn our escaped chimps.

      Hey chimps, please keep posting because you are providing good laughs for us.

    • Chimps,

      Wow, it is kind of hard to believe that J&J would make wishes, maybe on a celebratory cake for the REAL facts that came out of VX reports, but wishes about what they might have done??? That is too hard to swallow, you be fibbin and making up those stories again.

      "J&J probably wishes they had gone to VPHM now that they've figured out VRTX overhyped VX-950.""

      Overhyped......people undetectable at one week...still UND at 12 overhype those results would have to beo something like shouting it from the roof tops of a very tall building. I am still treasuring the news, like a gift, and so are a LOT of folks with Hep C. Best Christmas present I could have ever hoped for. More chances to get well, to stay alive a long long time. To watch chimps evolve.

      Chimps, grab a cup of Starbucks and have a cookie, I have enough goodwill today for everyone. Even a rashy, escaped chimp.

    • Now that makes me laugh this morning!! You are exactly right and it was good of you to remind me. Thanks, and I've now become much less afraid of monkeys.

    • VPHM blew off VRTX when they came begging for their polymerase science, not J&J. Although you make a good point since J&J probably wishes they had gone to VPHM now that they've figured out VRTX overhyped VX-950.

    • good attitude to have frog. You WILL make it.

    • You still do not get it, do you? IDIX had a much lower percentage of SVR than 950. So let us assume that out of the 88% of 950 patients another 13% lost their SVR within the next 12 weeks, it is still successful for at least 75% of the patients and still a lot better than IDIX's compound!

      Oh I know shorties like you are saying ALL the the 88% patients that were SVR are going to develop mutants and die soon. I don't think so. If you were smart you would be buying some vrtx because your dream of 950's demise will not happen!

    • Your Viropharm information. This is also a biotech I am following, please post for me where the door slamming went on, and mostly, who then got spanked at Viropharm when J&J offered up their deal to Vertex.

      I love good information in the morning. Goes with my performance enhancing coffee.

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