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  • luckyhenry luckyhenry Sep 1, 2007 12:59 PM Flag

    to magkfrog

    i dont understand....why wait
    why not try to get into PROVE 3 study

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    • I would not wait for VX950 if you had breakthough, why not try Infergen therapy to see if you respond?

    • bizz,

      I do have a LOT of folks on ignore, so my bad. I should probably be curious about what the silly poster was posting, but I'm not.

      Part of my reaction was out of my own feeling that this thread had gone the way of a help forum and not a stock forum, partially my fault. Inane seemed like a kind way to describe the lapse of focus on my part. It's too easy for me to become trite when I post, I need to lose the sick person persona and keep focused on the stock at hand.

      It's hard to sort the two out when it comes to this particular stock. Especially for me, I am way too personally invested in teleprevir. Funny to say, but won't it be nice when I don't feel the need to check on the stock anymore. I'm crossing my fingers it goes up to about $55 and I can sell my measly 200 shares and pocket a nice bit of change. Can't see this being a long hold, once teleprevir is approved, too many second generation drugs will be poppin up.

      Take care.

    • I know, I know...what's the old saying about wrestling a pig? The problem is, he (it?) keeps generating new IDs.

    • It is worth waiting.

    • I'm in Washington state, the nearest Prove 3 study is in Los Angeles, makes for a long commute. Believe me, I've tried and learned a whole lot about what trials are really about. I learned mostly that it is not as easy as just having the desire to be a guinea pig, there is very much more involved.

      Take a thousand slots for the trial, divide by 50 states, (the equality is mandated by FDA) and you come up with a pitiful number per site. It was not in the stars for me this time, but not to fret, I know how many more there are just like me. I believe the FDA does too, let's hope we rock their slow moving world and get some quick action.

      Having viral breakthru at 30 weeks of SOC makes me a lousy candidate for a trial of ANYTHING, lots of tough cases like mine are not taken for trial. Waiting is not my favorite option, but the more you learn about Hep C the more you learn to wait. I'm here, waiting to teleprevir and have been for a while. I think I only have about 18 more months to wait, like I've said before, looong time in stock time, short time in Hep C time.


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