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  • roy__f roy__f Sep 10, 2007 4:01 PM Flag

    Notes from the Bear Stearns webcast:

    This topic is deleted.
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    • look at MLP's master limited partnerships
      they pay high distribution(divident) yields
      these are tax deferred by law until you sell
      2 such are KMP and/or APL...i own
      both pay about 7%
      do your own homework

    • Well, we've got jokes about cyanide here and I think someone else must be posting crap that I can't read because I put them on ignore. Glad to know I was right in "ignoring" them.

      We are up again today, with really light volume so far, just like yesterday. I'm thinking this is so very good, smaller blocks, someone cherry picking the best of biotechs right now?

      Lab rats still posting UND after 20 weeks post tx from 12+12 with teleprevir, isn't a fool anywhere can rain on those facts.

      The erratic market has me jumpy tho, down a bazillion points on Friday, up almost 200 yesterday, wish the Feds would meet and just get it over with. My husband had just about convinced himself to sell the Cisco and Intel and EMC in retirement account in trade for some safe money market accounts when Cramer came on CNBC and said "Do not do that" and gave some compelling reasons why not.

      I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to do another recession, I'm too tired and too old. Any thoughts not related to cyanide on where an old lady should put her nest egg these days? Besides my paltry 200 shares of Vertex, those shares are a safe haven and who in the hell would have thought biotech would be a safe haven? This is all scary.......but very interesting.

    • Wow! This person must really know his facts.

    • You're borrowing trouble.

    • So what does that got to do with HCV treatments funny man. You just like to play on message boards with a bunch of nonsense?

    • The whole purpose of the various posts are simple to say that it is a travesty what some pharmas are doing, particularly in developing HCV treatments. The toxicity issues of many of these compounds being developed are known by the company well before the general public (including potential patients). But yet they are ignored and/or downplayed until the bitter end. This is a shame.

      I hope that vx-950 does not show toxicity that stops its development, for the sake of the patients needing this med. But I have my doubts�and those at VRTX probably already know the severity of the toxicity issues with vx-950.

      Also, D-FMAU was developed some years ago for treating HBV and during clinical trials some of the patients did not respond well (or at all) to the treatment. When the patients were given this compound again, many died. You can say this is hCv NOT hBv, vx-950 is NOT a nuc, blah, blah, but try to understand the mechanism by which people died in the FMAU story above.

    • d-FMAU that is NOT L-FMAU.

    • of course this is a joke much like some of the HCV treatments being developed.

    • FMAU for HBV treatment....look it up.

    • kwachun:
      <<There is new treatment being developed that guarantees no detectable virus after only a few treatments. There is only one "minor side effect". that is, the drug may, "cause minor drowsiness". the drug is K or NaCN (google it). This is an exaggeration but not by much, IMHO.>>

      The above is a joke, right? Have you tried cyanide before? That is what NaCN is. Messing with Cyanid is no joke.

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