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  • wkyoung508 wkyoung508 Jan 8, 2008 11:18 AM Flag

    bop and joan.....go away...please.

    Wow, I'm sick for a few days, don't read this board and I come back to really sick, stupid posts from the same old people. If this is a bad stock, then sell and go away. You have some other agenda than to talk about Vertex and telaprevir, I think. And it is so boring and kind of offensive, actually.

    Again, if you take the time to read any of the numerous boards online with folks who have REAL issues with Hep
    C, who volunteered as lab rats in two phases of telaprevir, who dealt with the virus, the chemo, the side effects, and the RASH, you will know that the rash ain't no reason to stop. To stop is unacceptable. Ask anyone who lives the life in Hep C land.

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    • 1) Liver failure takes more than 30 years to develop with HEP C infection. This is why 90% of HEP C patients don't want to fight for insurance coverage like the HIV patients did. HEP C does not threate their life immediately like HBV.

      2) Half of the liver failure caused by HBV, not HCV. And VRTX does not have the entire franchise of Hepatitis treatment in pipeline.

      3) My nationality is not a ground for you to judge people with their origin even though, as your nature, you love Africa American women's money but their race. And no one should be insulted because of their race, including Bop and Joan. Caucasian is not a superior race than others.

      4) With your prejudiced race bias, you will never find a girl who fits your bill...particularly, the financial bill, because most of blonds load up with heavy debts from school and their parents had never paid for their college tuitions like the Chinese did for their children.

      5) Chinese as an ethnic group in this country will take some positions in financial world as the Jewish did in the 70�s, and you will see more Chinese make more and invest more than Caucasians. I can tell you one fact is that many investment bankers (Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch) have been very actively approaching Chinese individuals and trying to be their assets managers..

      6) Chinese is not inferior than Caucasian just because they were ruled by communism for so many years. The majority of Chinese who work in US companies have made tremendous contributions to these companies. DNA has employed 20% of Chinese as their workforce who produces many pipelines for the company, and all Chinese there has been very enjoying working for DNA as a part of success. There are many high tech companies in Bay Area prefer to hire Chinese such as Google, JAVA, Intel�etc. If VRTX has been discriminating Chinese, well, I feel sorry for them that are why that they had never achieved any success among their peers.

    • <<HEP C treatment is a much crowed area that many new drugs in the testing period. I don't believe that the FDA would rush into any approval process to pick the product that may not be the best one. With the current SOC is still working, the agency have another few years to wait and see what are the best treatment options to HEP C patients.>>
      You sound like you do not know much about the subject matter and need more education so let me help you.

      There are many people that are dying of liver failure as we speak because the present treatment only helps 15 to 40 % of HCV patients. So any treatment that improves that percentage will be welcomed by the FDA. That is why FDA has granted TVR a fast track designation. You may have to look that one up because you probably do not know what it means.

      Furthermore It is not the policy of FDA to wait a few years in order to compare the various compounds and then select ONE. They may do that in your country, China, but not in the free world.

      As to your advice of preserving one's capital, that is an unusual advice coming from a chineese, considering that most chineese like to gamble on anything including things they know nothing about.

      Since you are saying one should not risk their capital, I am assuming you are not short this stock since it is alot riskier to short a stock that be long in it. So why do you post on this board?

      Oh I know you are a short hedge fund pimp who gets paid a few dollars for each stupid post. How about getting lost instead of giving investment advice!!!

    • HEP C treatment is a much crowed area that many new drugs in the testing period. I don't believe that the FDA would rush into any approval process to pick the product that may not be the best one. With the current SOC is still working, the agency have another few years to wait and see what are the best treatment options to HEP C patients.

      Novartis submitted 5 NDA to the FDA last year, and none of these was approved. GSK had submitted 7 NDA last year with only one approved. PFE had 12 NDA submitted, with 2 conditional approvals.... Who knows VRTX's chance would be since there are 3-4 years down the road, and with many new drugs under development....

      Preserve your capital is more important than appreciated them, specially for this kind of company who has a boat loaded debt......Take a look at BSX, it is another perfect case....This is just a common sense, and I expect that this will bring more insults from your friends and colleagues�

    • <<It sounds very silly, isn�t? >>
      You don't understand my friend. I am having fun :-)

    • I think that you need to revise your plan, and don't get into seriously with this kind of thing. You might want to revisit all those nasty and insulting posts made to Bop and Joan by VRTX's employees, and anyone would get scared by your approach or proposal. Who wants to be insulted by a perspective partner for expression of different opinion on a company's stock? It sounds very silly, isn�t?

    • <<Joan is a HOMO.....FORGET HER... >>
      What makes you think so? She has not said anything that makes one to come to that conclusion.

      Anyway is that so Joan? If that is the case then I need to revise my proposal. I will still like you though.

    • She does not fit your REAL BILL.

    • "I like Joan. She has olive complection :-)"

      Joan is a HOMO.....FORGET HER...

    • Bop,
      We shall see, we shall see.

    • <<Be careful the blonds�. . they will spend all your fortunes. >.
      I like Joan. She has olive complection :-)

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