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  • thirdmeinvestor thirdmeinvestor May 27, 2010 7:37 PM Flag

    Feuerstein's report on TSC

    Adam loves to cause controversy to attract readers. He give a sense of suspense by implying that the SVR numbers from TVR and BOC trials can be directly compared. As you pointed out SVRs alone cannot tell the whole story. The safety and convenience of drug dosing are important too. The demographics of patient population is important too. Adam did not mention the large number of hard-to-treat patients in ADVANCE.

    The following passage is a direct quote from the press release reported two days ago: " The trial enrolled patients at 114 international clinical trial sites worldwide. Approximately 60% of the
    patients in ADVANCE were enrolled at trial sites in North America. Additionally, approximately 20% of the patients in ADVANCE
    were African American, Black, Hispanic or Latino, and approximately 20% had advanced fibrosis or cirrhosis...."

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    • Third, all good points. He also neglects to point out the upgrades and raised price targets for Vertex from analysts since the release of the Advance top line data. Of particular interest, is his focus on writing about "problems" with TVR on the day his boss, Jim Cramer, reportedly recommended a short sale of VRTX on the day the Advance study data was released.

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      • jthompson1057 May 27, 2010 9:35 PM Flag

        there really is not unbiased press. The fourth estate is dead. If we had a decent financial press, we would not be in quite the mess we've been in. is quite interesting, and the FTD (failure to deliver) is discussed as a means of naked shorting.

        The truth hurts - hurts the innocent and those who still are patriotic. Expect very biased reporting on this drug. Same as has been, and will continue. There was a lady reporting on Boceprvir who had been reported to being involved with Merck and the SuisseBank. It is all a fraud.

        I like the numbers I see on Telprevir. I do not like the tripe of "the street", and their ilk. Any doubts - refresh your memory and look at what Stewart did to Cramer last year. Had him shivering in his snake shoes.

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