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  • I am looking at vrtx based on the possibility of
    an advance in its HEP C program but it appears that
    this program is running into trouble. Where did you
    get the information on their problems? Is Agouron
    farther along on this than VRTX? Interested to hear any
    info you or anyone else has on this subject. Good luck

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    • 1. yeah, I'm disappointed in vrtx too-I don't
      think amprenavir is going to be a real blockbuster
      entering a crowded market with no clear advantage
      adefovir from gilead has modest activity alone (.5 log or
      a little better) not 4 logs! but in combo can
      achieve 2-3 log; also there are SERIOUS safety issues
      emerging (high rate of Fanconi's
      syndrome-nephropathy-necessitating dose reduction in all pts at 16 wks. This may
      limit it to salvage therapy rather than upfront in
      healthier pts despite it's favorable dosing regimen
      PNU and Parke-Davis have designer PI's in development
      specifically targeted for PI resistant virus and ABT-378 is in
      phase II
      4. Would have said this level was a good
      entry point but I think it may break through this
      previous support to the downside (big volume friday
      worries me)
      5. Long term (years) vrtx may pan out but
      I think it's uphill in the short-term (struggle
      that is)

      Just my opinions.

    • Vertex is nearly a year behind schedule on all of
      its programs, its stock is near its yearly low, and
      its AIDS drug will be the 8th or 9th on the market
      when and if it gets approved. So what does the board
      of directors do? They give Dr. Boger a $105,000.00
      bonus on top of his $350,000.00 salary and options on
      100,000 shares at $27.34/share (expiration 12/11/07).

      He is a brillant scientist, but this company is not
      executing its business plan. The annual report even
      mentions they are behing schedule. Eloquent science, but
      really nothing to show for it after nine years. This
      company is looking more like a research botique than a
      focused enterprise.
      The report about the penetration
      of the central nervous system is nearly two years
      Vertex talks about twice daily dosing. Gilead's
      Preveon is a once a day dose, showed a four log reduction
      in viral load in phase III trials, will be priced at
      approximately $2,000.00/ year as opposed to the $7-14,000.00
      dollar expense of protease inhibitors, and is also
      effective against HBV and cytomegalovirus. They have gone
      from phase I to near phase III completion in 18 months
      with their oral drug for flu. Adefovir showed a 4log
      reduction in HBV, is effective against 3tc resistant
      strains of HepB, is once a day, and addresses a worldwide
      market of 300,000,000 people worldwide.
      I love the
      science of this company, but am really concerned about
      their repeatedly missing their milestones. Plus, why
      would you reward a chief executive for such lousy
      performance. Perhaps he is over-extended.
      Anyone agree or

    • It seems everyone is having difficulty. In
      contrast to other proteases, the catalytic pocket for HCV
      is considered shallow. This makes for difficultly in
      designing anti-protease small molecules. More difficult
      than HIV protease, for example. Agouron is probably in
      the same boat, except they may in fact be at a slight
      disadvantage. Their structure of the NS3 protease does not
      contain NS4A, which is a cofactor for protease activity.
      Naturally 4A is present, which implies that the Agouron
      structure is less than ideal. Betting on HepC is a gamble.
      It has a tremondous payout if someone gets lucky,
      but that remains to be seen. It is also worth
      considering that HepC like HIV is likely to need a multidrug
      combo to be effective. So there could be many players
      in the market. SP is trying to keep their
      therapeutic market for HepC treatment; they have ribovirun
      just recently added to alpha interferon. They would
      love to add a protease inhibitor or another
      anti-viral. So, watch those bets...

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