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  • DeathToShortz DeathToShortz Feb 17, 1999 5:56 PM Flag

    Jerry Falwell on Vertex...

    Where do you people come up with this stuff? I
    just spent five minutes with a PR rep from Vertex and
    I can assure you that:
    1) The president's name
    is John Boder, or something like that,
    not La La;
    2) The logo was designed by an eminent design
    in Boston; 3) There is absolutely no employee at
    Vertex with a
    first name of Tinkey or a last name of

    Of course, she
    could have been lying,
    but why would she bother?

    She also said they
    don't have any red phone. She laughed when
    suggested this and told me that all their phones are
    even Mr. Boder's.

    Plus, if Vertex was somehow
    related to Teletubbies, don't you think their stock price
    would be about 10 times what it is now?

    THINK before you post, OK?

    Anyone who doesn't
    like the content of this message can bite

    You may also want to check out the AGPH board, where
    I've been
    commenting on the ridiculous posts



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    • Oh, very good analysis. I called the company and
      they denied
      wrongdoing, so I guess they must be
      innocent. Brilliant
      Dr. Whatsup. I suppose you also
      believe OJ and Bill Clinton?
      In fact, why don't you
      spend your entire life helping the thousands of
      entirely innocent people on death row.

      And here's
      another clue for you: I never said the
      name was La La. In fact, his name is Dale Boger. He's
      a very
      famous chemist. And there's an
      interesting story there. He has
      told people for years that
      his first name is Dale. But is it?
      Think about any
      other famous Dales you know. That's
      Chip-N-Dales. What are those? Nude MALE dancers. Get where I'm

      coming from? OK, maybe Dale is innocent enough. But
      maybe, just
      maybe, it's a high-five to the famous
      Chip-N-Dales. It sure
      sounds like more than a coincidence.

      Another thing. What is the name of the company?
      But what is their stock ticker symbol: V-R-T-X. What
      do the
      letters they removed spell? EE. Might
      refer to an extra wide
      shoe. But that doesn't make
      much sense either way. BUT, here's
      another, more
      likely explanation. It's a high five to vitamin
      Double dose. Remember that Vitamin E is associated
      virility. Another coincidence? How many more
      "coincidences" will it take to convince you?

      Before you
      buy the party line, do a little research.

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