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  • jcramerisnotgoodforyou jcramerisnotgoodforyou Feb 9, 2006 10:05 AM Flag

    Crammer made a big mistake with OMN


    I think cramer made a big mistake recommending this stock based on the teflon story, now he does not want to admit it by saying "I blowed it, I thought it was for Cooking" LOL

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    • No doubt. He's loosing credibility "hand over fist". Someon called in the other night and asked about omn. All he and his cheap suit could say was "...i free you from this house of pain..." What a jerk! He didn't even have the balls to explain himself. And he had just recommended this as a big play just 2 weeks ago. Devoted at least 15-min of air time. What did that cost? I'm sure there was some other reason for his pumping. Maybe a friend that held the stock needed some cash. Whatever the reason, if Cramer wants any credibility he has left, he should explain himself, FULLY!!!! But being the coward that he is, he won't. ha

    • Cramer did blow it. The way he reacted to that caller asking about OMN was telling that he was ashamed o his self....hogs

    • A serious inquiry needs to be made exactly where this story came from. Did Cramer or his staff just dream it up or were they fed by a pumper?

      CEO's pre-announcement for Q-1 2006 also needs some scrutiny. Very qualitative, refuses to be quantitative supposedly because too many things can change literally overnight. Want to really test him? Let's see how many insider buys happen in early Feb.

      Noticed that one guy quickly bailed out a big batch of options at $7 and change. Bet he's on the way out. Watch to see how many more think 7 bucks is a good deal

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