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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Nov 11, 1999 12:21 AM Flag

    Doing you a favor.....

    I come on this board to discuss JCDA and I am
    long the stock (in at $14.50) and intend to hold. I
    like the technology and the market this company is in.
    I like the association they have with SUNW. That
    can't hurt, can it?

    But really, you guys and
    gals need to take a look at the numbers released
    yesterday by ECTX. I am not pumping the stock and could
    care less if you buy it because someone will and make
    a lot of money on it. I am returning the favor to
    those who put me on JCDA. There is no message board for
    ECTX yet. I really think this is a good play at this
    level. They are even making a profit and the revs and
    gross margins are in rapid growth mode.

    I wish
    some of you guys would take a look at it and let me
    know what you think. I may be missing something but I
    have already put my money in the pot. Thanks in
    advance for any input. Good luck to all JCDA longs and


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    • Looks good to me, but has slowed down on rise
      along with JCDA and ALDN. Guess they are linked. 75000
      buy at the ask after hours. Here is

      Software company with most significant technology is TMWD,
      Email for industry.
      Put snail mail out of business
      among computer users and others. If Verisign can go
      over 100, so can Tumbleweed.

      Think Aldn virus
      detection software is hot item also. Lots of them going
      around these days.

      I truly hope JCDA makes
      another run up soon. Plan to get back in again tomorrow.

    • they have a strong balance sheet. But, jcda has
      more history and a larger client base as of right now.
      Also, there was a post in regards to Lehman with a
      earnings estimate of -.02. Regardless, it looks like the
      theme is revenues and I hope that we show more than
      $5.3 million and I hope that there is indications that
      this is a company that will not only actively pursue
      strong strategic alliances but also if their prospectus
      indicates that they are going to be acquiring other

      If anyone has their prospectus and if
      they can see what Jacada was going to do with proceeds
      and with its' market cap, that will go along way to
      seeing where this company is gonna head.

      • 2 Replies to bjlcommunications
      • taken directly from pg 11

        "We expect
        totuse the net proceeds from this offering for general
        corporate purposes, including working capital. In addition,
        we may use a portion of the net proceeds to acquire
        complementary products, technologies or businesses. However, we
        currently have no such commitments or agreements and are
        not involved in any negotions with respect to any
        such transaction.

        cont. to pg 12...

        other principal purposes of this offering are to
        increase our financial flexibility, create a public marker
        for our common stock, facilitate our future access to
        public equity markets and increase our visibility in the
        marketplace. As of the date of this prospectus, we cannot
        specify with certainty the particular uses for the net
        proceeds to be received upon the closing of this

        Pending other uses, we intend to invest the net proceeds
        of this offering in interest-bearing investments or
        bank deposits. Any investments or bank deposits in
        Israel will have interest and principal linked to a non-
        Israeli currency or to the consumer price index in

        Hope this helps,


      • Lehman estimate for revenues, were 3.7MM for this Q.
        So lets keep the number within this range.

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