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  • e_clipse2000 e_clipse2000 Dec 14, 1999 8:46 AM Flag

    Hey MOguy - Looks like Lehman is gonna

    play today! I see an offer posted @ 8:17et!

    Whats up with that! (of course it's about a point under the close - but hey it's a start)

    Carpe Diem - "E"

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    • Revenues and earnings are important factors. if
      it is all based upon future earnings and
      revenues,like you said, it is only rumors or hypes rahther than
      solid fact. I do not know how many of us are investing
      like you, but I do look for at least 30% earning
      growth as starting point for long term investing. JCDA?
      What else I can say about it. Everyone knows Jacada is
      a good company, and I have no objection.

      Thought you are long on JCDA, and
      you are a quite
      if I understood you correctly.

      Whatever you do, it's your money.
      Good luck.


    • Keep it up guys! Viewpoints are good and not personal, thats what this is all about! Perspectives, opinions, with some thought make the day a little shorter! Thx!

    • Someone give this man some decaf!

      Hey, I
      know how to value a stock just fine.
      And for the
      record, I never indicated the value
      of Jacada WASN'T
      based on growth and future
      earnings. By the way, the
      "growth curve" is
      a indicator of FUTURE

      As for your PR analysis, frankly it's
      Jacada has done and continues to do the job
      getting the word out to CUSTOMERS about the
      value of
      it's product. You seem to be caught
      up in getting
      the word out to other INVESTORS
      to get the price
      pumped up so you can bail.

      Get over it. Jacada
      has great product and
      interested customers. You
      want to make your
      $$$ and go somewhere else in a
      single day?
      I suppose we'd all like too, but it
      work that way all the time.

      Ya know, all this
      bashing on Jacada's PR
      sure makes you sound like a
      short. You can
      claim otherwise, but anyone who sits
      on a
      message board bashing something he holds
      a higher price ought to have his head

      Or, at least try decaf.


    • growth when a value cannot be placed based on
      what Jacada and Lehman gives us. And, you are wrong
      about valuing this stock. Revenues never dictate value
      nor do earnings. It is all based upon future earnings
      and revenues.

      The fact that marketing, pr and
      ir is slow to respond to anything released about
      this company is one thing that needs to be improved
      but when I can't find out the value of a contract
      because it is confidential even though the public has
      seen the announcement, then that tells me that what
      they do is weak according to to intellectual property.

      his is where the path will lead if it doesn't not
      inform the public of its value. Their big clients which
      they have already shown that they have gotten and have
      been working on needs to continue. Look at their pr
      before they went public (don't sit there and tell me
      that they don't know the importance of it because they
      do and you should know that).

      This is not
      about hyping the stock, this is about getting a number
      of communities to understand what this company does
      and what its' value is in the marketplace.

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