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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Feb 24, 2000 1:59 PM Flag

    Found some news.

    It appears a competitor took a jab at JCDA in a
    press release today. I'm not worried about it because
    JCDA still has great positioning in the market place.
    But maybe some beleive what this article says.
    Techies out there -you ever hear of these

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    • ""California Software plans to move to AMEX to
      achieve its potential as a solid
      growth technology
      stock. We expect annual revenue will continue its
      growth trend and should increase again by approximately
      200% year-over-year. We
      also anticipate profits to
      exceed competitors such as Jacada (NASDAQ:
      commented Kate Tague, Marketing and Communications for
      California Software Corp.

      It's a claim, (completely
      unsubstantiated), that their profits will exceed those of JCDA but
      they don't say when that might happen or give any
      other details. Also, there is no criticism in the
      comments nor is there any comparison between products and
      as far as I can tell it's just an OTC BB company
      blowing a little hot air.
      Added to that, their big
      goal in life is to get listed on the AMEX. Big deal.

    • I've used Baby/400 before. It allows you to
      emulate the AS/400 environment on a PC. I'm not sure how
      California Software considers Jacada a competitor. As far as
      I know California Software doesn't have a solution
      for web enabling existing legacy apps. Let alone
      creating Java applets out of them. California Software
      will be an interesting stock to watch though. Their
      products aren't bad, I just don't see them providing the
      same solution as Jacada.

    • Raging Bull....there has been talk over there for
      the last two weeks about California Software
      (CAWC)..I think that it is good to see what CAWC is doing.
      Jacada and its management needs to wake up or they are
      going to lose its position in the marketplace (if you
      can even say that they have a position in the

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