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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 May 12, 2000 11:01 AM Flag

    Analysis is very good. A very
    intelligent community there. And the education section
    teaches you just about everything you ever need to know
    about charts if you take the time to read it
    all. is also very good. Here you can find charts(you
    can define the exact beginning and end dates on them
    unlike other sites), SEC filings
    (example:, alerts on critical
    issues(example:, and a summary on a co.'s financials
    (example: Lots of good stuff here, but it takes a while to
    find it. They also have an extensive glossary with
    detailed definitions of just about every investment term
    out there
    ( Hope this helps you out. Good Luck.

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    • Thanks for Info. JCDA is playing a bit wacky. I
      listed to sell 500 shares at 10 1/2 this am but MM kept
      shrinking ask away. Finally I got it -- as it went to 11

      But I got 1000 back at 10 1/16 a while
      later... What's your take on this or what does your
      analysis say?

      • 1 Reply to yuriatin
      • There are more than a few factors effecting JCDA
        right now.

        First the Nasdaq. Looks to me like
        the Nasdaq has put in a double bottom here, but it
        has been on low volume (and with stochastics in their
        oversold region) as people await the interest rate hike on
        tuesday. I still think the Nasdaq should eventually
        correct to 2800. But, perhaps it will never happen. To me
        the chart looks somewhat dangerous. The Nas is still
        below its 10 day moving average and that is on a
        collision course with the 200 day moving average(which is
        the only thing that has really been supporting the
        Nasdaq). If this rally continues the worst may be over.
        The key is breaking above the resistances we have
        created on our way down. I see resistance at 3620-3650,
        3800, and 4000 (to start with anyway). I think JCDA can
        be effected negatively by the Nas. I don't think
        JCDA necessarily does well when the Nas

        INCA. I really don't understand people's anger with the
        MMs. If you think about it a lower price only means
        you have an opportunity to buy more (assuming of
        course you have some cash). The price of a stock has
        nothing to do with why you invested in that company. You
        invest in a company because of fundamentals.
        Unfortunately, there are a great deal of novice investors who
        think that stock price is somehow related to the actual
        "worth" of the company. If this was true then we could
        never buy value stocks because a company's stock price
        would always be equal to the "worth" of the company.
        What people don't understand is that "worth" is
        relative -not carved in stone. I've been holding JCDA
        since Oct. 27 and am in at a price of 10 3/16. I have
        held through prices in the $30 range. Why didn't I
        sell? Because JCDA's "worth" to me is higher than that
        and because I believe (in my vanity) that eventually
        the market will agree with me.

        Yes, I am a buy
        and hold investor who uses charts to find really good
        entry points into companies with sound fundamentals and
        watches the day-to-day movement because he loves the
        drama that the market provides. Few people have the
        stubborn streak and nerves of steel required to do things
        the way I do.

        Anyway, I think you got a good
        price. I would recommend not playing this stock short
        term. I think it's kind of dangerous to try and make
        money that way here. I could go on about what I think
        about JCDA for a long time, but I usually finish with
        BUY, HOLD, GET RICH!

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