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  • jacada_fool jacada_fool May 23, 2000 1:39 PM Flag

    Hey jacadaman

    Since you're so LONG in this stock, you gotta be
    pretty deep under water in this POS.

    If focusing
    on your "issues" keeps you going, then use them. But
    don't go so far as to pat the management on the back
    and tell us what a great job they've been doing for
    "long-term investors" when probably every non-insider
    stockholder, regardless of his timeframe, is under water in
    this POS. What are you going to tell us next? That a
    loss isn't a loss until you sell?

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    • > What are you going to tell us next? That
      loss isn't a loss until you sell?

      have to check with the IRS on that
      one. I believe
      that's their definition.

      >But don't go so far
      as to pat the management

      How do I herald
      management's ability to--

      a) make/sell a good

      b) stay profitable

      c) have money in the

      d) grow the company

      I mean, geesh, how
      dare I, really? I mean
      we live in the era of press
      releases and lots
      of bs, right? We should have Jacada
      making software and start a PR company.

      Geesh, a
      growing, profitable software
      company... How dare I pat
      management on the


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      • Check with the IRS? You really are an amateur at
        this. You evidently don't know that the IRS does
        consider a price drop to be a REALIZED (actual) loss but
        will not allow it to be RECOGNIZED (taxable) until the
        stock is sold. Better yet, why don't you ask your
        broker for margin for what you paid for this POS, or
        your banker. Even better, why don't you ask for what
        you paid for it in the open market if you're not
        fully convinced of your loss.

        Furthermore, we
        live in an era where public companies, especially tech
        companies, no longer use dividends as a means of rewarding
        stockholders. Stockholders are rewarded almost exclusively on
        one thing: share price appreciation. This means that
        REGARDLESS of how profitable a public company is,
        stockholders do not benefit unless the stock price increases.
        You seem to be suffering from the naive point of view
        that as long as a company has a good product, stays
        profitable, keeps money in the bank, and grows, that its
        stock price will increase. That may be the way it works
        in your fantasy world but that's not the way it
        works in the financial market. This may come as a shock
        to you but there is this little something called
        COMPETITION that causes the world to turn differently than
        you envision. I'm not referring to the day-to-day
        business competition dealing with products and similar
        businesses that you seem to know something about. I'm
        talking about the competition for investment dollars that
        ALL companies compete for. You bash the importance of
        PR because you don't understand that investment
        money flowing into this stock is, in the end, the only
        thing that should matter to a public shareholder.
        Investment money flows as much, if not more, on human
        psychology as on a company's fundamentals, and it is that
        psychology that EVERY savvy executive tries to control in
        favor of his company.

        Now, jacadaman, you tell
        me if this management team has done a good job for
        its stockholders up to this point. You may give them
        an A+, but the market is pretty clear on its grade.
        For your sake, perhaps we should end our discussion
        here. Continuing it would only reveal even more the
        extent of your ignorance.

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