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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 May 23, 2000 6:37 PM Flag

    Hey jacadaman

    you have been a consistantly good poster here.
    The quality of your posts are far better than the
    norm. The only advice I can offer you is that you not
    respond to the fool. I am begining to realize on the
    Radware board that the more you acknowledge even the most
    pointless of their arguements (even if only to clearly
    refute them) the more you validate their arguements.
    Don't even bother refuting their arguements -they don't
    refute yours. They just say this stock is a POS. That is
    the depth of their analysis. Why try to prove them
    wrong? You can't disprove someone's opinion -even if it
    is a stupid one. Let them post. Let them have their
    fun. Simply post facts in response -though never
    responding directly to them. This going to be my new
    approach on the Radware board. Every time someone says
    this stock is a POS post something about revenue
    growth. Every time they post that this stock will go to
    some insanely low number post something about EPS.
    Whether you take this advice or not I enjoy your posts
    because they do contain facts and I am behind you 100%.

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    • But with so little board activity, and
      constant negative spamming -- I decided to
      engage the
      Fool in some banter...

      I'm starting to believe
      with the volume
      and nature of his posts its one of
      these guys
      that gets paid for every reply you make
      them... So, I'll take your advice -- and
      rather than
      finance the Fool's crack habit,
      I'll just stick to
      occasional posting.

      Looks like Radware is getting
      torn up
      badly too (as is everything). I'm
      hanging around waiting for the market to start
      to pick
      up again on the good issues...



    • Don't you know that folks like jacada_fool are
      technically retarded. They think they know a lot because they
      can turn their computers on and use the internet. I
      really don't care what the stock price of JCDA is now
      because I actually understand exactly what the tech.


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