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  • city_9876 city_9876 Jul 25, 2000 4:00 PM Flag

    Potential future earnings

    I am very concerned about the potential future of
    this company. Does anyone have any thoughts on the
    type of integration competition Jacada is facing? It
    appears the market is leaning towards XML as the defacto
    standard for integration. I don't see Jacada following
    this path.

    Also, how large is the wireless
    demand for legacy data? Seems to me that the real need
    for legacy integration is with ERP or other new
    systems, not with a PDA. Why is Jacada so big on this
    seemingly nonexistent market?

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    • The cheerleaders on this board lump everyone
      together that has similar concerns. In fact, there's a guy
      that thinks we're all the same person.

      I think
      Jacada can make some money if it survives for another
      year, but I don't see it as a long term contender if it
      doesn't get its act together.

      By the way city,
      you aren't looking for a job are you?

    • Jacada's main gig is taking legacy green screens
      and creating Java applets out of them and then
      providing the middleware between the applet and the legacy
      app. I belive this is huge. I know the stock price
      doesn't reflect it but what Jacada's technology does it
      huge. Usually when you want to integrate or put a new
      front end on your legacy applications your required to
      develop it yourself. Jacada eliminates this. You have to
      realize their are different types of Integration.
      Integration tools are a dime a dozen: Web Methods, Vitria,
      MQSeries Integrator, etc... What Jacada does with legacy
      Mainframe and AS/400 applications is truley unique.

    • I don't really understand your statement about
      XML because I'm not a tech guru in this

      However, I do understand your question about wireless
      demand for legacy data. I am a mechanical engineer with
      some experience in the manufacturing world. I can tell
      you that one of the big pushes that are being made by
      corporations is in the realm of inventory management. Much of
      the productivity gains which Alan Greenspan credits
      for keeping inflation down are a product of large
      company's improving their ability to manage their
      inventory. At this point, much of this inventory management
      is done using databases residing on legacy systems
      (remember we are talking large companies here).

      some cases, these companies have already used Jacada
      to make the interface more usable and intuitive for
      their part flow management personnel. I believe that in
      the future part flow will be more and more JIT
      (just-in time) in an effort to minimize inventories to
      razor thin margins. In such an atmosphere a factory
      line worker would take a part he has just received and
      he is about to use on a larger assembly and �scan�
      it using a bar code reader or Radio Frequency tag
      reader to read a �tag number� which uniquely identifies
      that part. A computer communicating with this bar code
      reader would take the �tag number� and match it up with
      the part number from a database and remove that part
      from a �part inventory� and add it to an �assembly
      inventory�. It would also notify suppliers, transportation,
      and anyone else who needs to know that Part# 123 has
      been used and we need another Part# 123 in X minutes.
      The effect of such a system is that you know where
      all of the parts are in the factory and you don�t
      need ANY inventory if your suppliers can be
      co-located. This increases profit margins for the companies
      and in doing so reduces inflation. (If profit margins
      are higher you can afford to pay workers

      The trick is you can�t do any of this without
      Jacada�s software if you want a net-like GUI. At least not
      so far as I know.

    • trick this smart board. Your job is to write code
      and let us promote Jacada---LOL. I am sure that
      Jacada is also dealing quite well with the XML
      integration. The wireless access to lecagy data bases will
      come in vert handy for Jacada customers like insurance
      guys, or parts guys or whatever. everything is under
      control now chill.

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