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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Jul 31, 2000 1:33 PM Flag

    It's not IBM vs Jacada

    Sorry buddy, it's true. I've been reading the
    posts and all you've been trying to do is introduce
    doubt about the stock. This last post was simply an
    effort to keep the knowledgable people on this board
    from overwhelming you.

    For the record up until
    Friday I worked for a large aerospace company which has
    an exclusive agreement with IBM. But Jacada was
    chosen to upgrade their payroll system. I can guarantee
    if IBM had a comparable product it would have been
    used -but they don't! Just for the record I am NOT a
    software guy so I can't debate on those details. I simply
    understand the politics of that company and their
    relationship with IBM.

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    • I just realized that this is like sitting on the
      sidelines of a football game and debating team strategy
      with the cheerleaders.

      You guys are so in love
      with your stock that you've lost your ability to be
      open-minded. I don't give a rats ass about "introducing
      doubt", geez you guys are lame.

      As far as
      comparable products, I give up there too. You're right,
      Jacada is the best thing since VisiCalc...