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  • boomerbydefault08 boomerbydefault08 Dec 31, 2009 9:43 AM Flag

    Akeena solar panels

    Yes, and I will DIY slap that innovative, user friendly, package on my roof (making the install leak proof) one at a time, if I want, with the rolex laid out from the first end panel. I like the idea of direct access to solar watts.

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    • Another part of the successful marketing package may be storage. As this market develops, prospective users will want to know why they have to buy power back from the utility during periods of darkness or heavy usage. A company that can come up with realistic storage system for storing solar cell's output that can become part of the marketing package should do well too.

      Pioneers are not always the success, but I would think the day is coming when households can choose to become self-sufficient energy-wise. The technology is there, it is just a matter of economics now.