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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Dec 13, 2011 7:06 PM Flag


    Folks, dirty operatives were successful in deleting the following post from the DD board, but not the MON board. As you can see there are no violations of terms of service. What the hell is going on??...

    DuPont Management Is Focussing on FOOD?!

    One of the Reasons Cited For Dumping $4 Billion in Sales of DuPont Automotive Finishes

    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend,

    Folks, this conglomerated confusion, known as the DuPont Company, gets more muddled, its Management more befuddled with every passing month. The execs of Monsanto's chief rival are now citing as one of the reasons for dumping car paints [according to some media reports and internet sources]:

    They need to focus more on food and nutrition.

    WHAT?? These bozos know very little about the intensely competitive global food business! Why, they have been trying for months to dump their big soya nutrition venture with Bunge, Solae, worth circa $2 billion. What on earth are they talking about? Focus on food?

    We do know, of course, they destroy trainloads of perfectly good human food, feeding it to factories to manufacture silly overpriced corn clothes and corn carpets, and corn airplane de-icers, and corn-based plastics for auto parts, even corn deodorants, undsoweiter.

    The Keystone Kullman Kids at it again.

    Merely the evening column of one individual investor and long-time student of the dysfunctional DuPont...funfun..

    Folks, we ask why the abusive and systematic attempts to gut open and free discussion over the internet, arguably violations of internet freedom for writers and readers, between investors when it comes to DuPont and its prospects? funfundvierzig

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    • Thanks for posting. I established a position in DD over a year ago. I thought long and hard deciding between it and Dow. Opted for DD. I agree that the economic situation is affecting stock prices. BA announces a big sale to Southwest and goes down following the rest of the market. But I'm patient with a long-term outlook.

      btw, Happy Holidays to all!

    • juanruiz, DD is a decent trading stock. You're probably already aware that they are slowly transitioning from an industrial chemicals company to an Ag/biosciences firm. As a result (of that and our rollercoaster economic climate in general), there are ups and downs that can be exploited for decent (not spectacular) gains. Smart401k2002 has made several good calls for entry and exit points in the past- he generously posts them here for the benefit of all. With a little effort to wade through the post history you can find and confirm them if you like. Welcome to the board.

    • Impersonation by the same sleazy DuPont AG & NUT employee, "notthatblind".

      It's telling that to get your attention these dishonest DuPont employees and DuPont Managers have to steal our well-recognised, well-established name. Such is the low quality of DuPont employees in the PR damage control function, who cannot even put together a coherent sentence on DuPont issues and instead resort to filth and LIES, and vindictive personal attacks on outside critics.

      Their misconduct is a sure sign of a sick organisation in deep trouble...funfun..

    • DD is a good stock to make money from. Their dividend is stable and they have multi divisions, so when one division isn't doing so well, the others will almost always make up for it. I have made money over the years, including this one, by buying and selling as opposed to holding long term. I don't hold many of my investments long term. And as a disclosure, I am one of the many here who are either currently employed by DD, or retired successfully from there. Good luck with your investing.

    • It isn't my intention to get involved in long term spats. I just want to make money off of DD, and was wondering what others thought of it.

    • Juan: Its easy to see from the flavor of your posts that you aren't the resident debby downer. But its best not to feed the bear here. Zig will bite you the second you disagree about anything having to do with DD. Try it sometime.

    • Juan Ruiz,

      You are being harassed by the same sleazy DuPont AG & NUT employee with the monikers of "notthatblind" and the impersonation I.D. of "funfundvierjack".

      It's one of the oldest corporate PR tricks in the books, pretend all dissent or differing opinions come from the same source. It's one of the tricks of this DuPont AG & NUT employee to confuse readers and bully independently speaking contributors.

      Bottom-line, the culture of this Company as displayed by its hostile employees here is absolutely rotten to the core, abusive and dishonest. Their misconduct is a sure sign of a sick organisation, a corporation in deep trouble.


    • If you're implying that I am just another name for someone else, I'm not. You can access my name and check the other boards I post to.

    • Fake funfuns:

      People who use the phrase ad hominem: Funfun, eastmoor, and now Juan.

      This fake funfun (JACK) doesn't use such tomfoolery.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. I don't post on these boards to engage in ad hominems or discuss politics or religion. I want people's takes on the stocks I invest in or contemplate investing in.

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