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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Dec 15, 2011 3:30 PM Flag


    Folks, we have been posting on this board for many years, calling out DuPont's deceitful and devious Management on numerous occasions, exposing their lack of integrity, flagrant abuse of workers, defrauding consumers and customers, engaging in criminal acts of price-fixing on behalf of DuPont, committing bribery (See State of Florida v. Rodriguez, 2008), misrepresenting medical products (FDA letter to DuPont Chairman & CEO, Chad Holliday, May 7, 2007) and putting out faked new "innovation" products, the list goes on and on.

    In return, dirty operating DuPont employees and agents shilling for DuPont Management have systematically stalked, monitored, and threatened the undersigned not only on this board but other internet news and investor sites. One of their dirty tricks is to use confusing look-alike aliases to confuse readers and harass, anything to divert attention from the ingrained weaknesses of this fading old-line chemical conglomerate and the mediocrity of its marginal Management.

    Once again, we post exclusively under our well-established name, funfundvierzig; there is only one of us, valid and unyielding to the sleazy misconduct of this Company's dirty-operating employees and masked agents! Our I. D. ends with "zig". Don't be mislead by the largely illiterately composed ad hominem assaults waged by the trash representing the DuPont Company and cluelessly representing its CHEAT-to-COMPETE Management.


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    • Folks, another dirty trick and OUTRIGHT LIE deployed by these sleazy DuPont employees and masked operatives protecting DuPont Management is the claim we use a multitude of other aliases, and any dissenter, anyone caught thinking for himself on this board is the undersigned, funfun.

      What these dishonest DuPont types are doing is falsely accusing us of what they have been doing for years, using a multitude of aliases, including a multitude of "funfun" look-alike identities to confuse and harass and degrade the board.

      There is absolutely no decency in this rogue chemical company! They well deserve their undeniable decline over the past decade-plus.


    • Funfun

      I have to admit that the number of look-a-likes has exploded ever since you started bringing up Imprelis. Sure, there were a few fakes before that, but the explosion happened once you hit the live wire.

      This says everything to me. Obviously, Imprelis will cost DuPont at least half of what Benlate cost. Benlate came at a time when DuPont was still flush with cash and thrice the company it is today.

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      • Fan,

        No doubt about it, the trash has come out of the woodwork with an intense campaign to disrupt this board, chase readers away, and gut open discussion because IMPRELIS does constitute a colossal embarrassment, if not outright consumer and customer fraud, per the cogent claims in court brought by victimised DuPont AG customers and homeowners.

        We hold fast to our educated conjecture the total ultimate cost to DuPont will tower over the $75 million charge taken to date by DuPont's truculent executives.


    • Thanks for the clarification. One question: what exactly is the "fun fund" you speak of, und warum 40 auf Deutsch? Danke sehr.

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      • Juan Ruiz,

        On an amusing note, when we devised our moniker some years ago, there were only about 45 DuPont Vice Presidents. That's from where the number "45" came.

        Of course, now Ms. Cull-Men drives a herd of circa 100 DuPont Presidents and DuPont Vice Presidents and General Managers and Equivalents to Vice President. As fast as the DuPont Company has shrunk over a decade-plus, its grossly overpaid senior executive ranks have swelled.

        [Indeed and in fact, the huge, disproportionate overhead has helped impede the competitiveness of DuPont Sub-Performance Coatings, now "reportedly" on the block.]


    • "there is only one of us" ZIG

      Proof positive that ZIG is a flaming nutjob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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