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  • righteouslebowski righteouslebowski Mar 2, 2012 9:11 AM Flag

    The Psychology of Funfun

    What motivates Funfun to post incessantly? Attention. He seeks attention. Funfun has a crippled ego and low self esteem that probably goes back to childhood and is related to his relationship to his father, to his former employment with DuPont and to any authority. He is motivated to seek attention by attacking DuPont or any authority where he will get some response to his posts. His alter egos in the form of aliases support him and make him feel important and vindicated. He does not see his predicament as his fault and to reinforce this he places blame on DuPont, its managers and its employees. They represent his father figure from which he so desperately seeks approval. He is tortured by a conflict to seek vengence and at the same time to seek approval. Responses to his continual and repetative posts enable him to achieve both vengence and the approval that he so desperately seeks even if it is coming from his clones. This is a pathetic situation which is nearly impossible to heal. He fails to see how he allows DuPont and its employees to control his life, his feelings and his thoughts. What irony! Until Funfun can sort out his demons, nobody can help him and any responses only feed his illness.

    The dude

    P.S. No doubt, there will be responses that he is being marginalized, attacked, and his freedom of speech being stifled. Pity the fool.

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    • Or, we could just discuss what effect on shareholders the sale of DD's car paint unit might have.

      • 1 Reply to juanruiz1330
      • Juan,

        Glad to talk DuPont news that's not related to Funnut!

        Competition is heating up for DPC. Private equity firms, which throw around money like bartender throws Funnut martinis, have entered the bidding.

        If DuPont can't get at least 85% of the $4 Billion estimated value, then they will walk and wisely.

        Otherwise, the $4 Billion will be used for debt payoff (older debt at higher interest rates) and buy some more good assets in the biotech/seeds area.

        DPC has some good products but some sluggish units that private equity firms will help flush out and cut the waste and fat. Every business has some mini-Funnuts who sit around and complain. It will be good for the hard workers in DPC.

    • You guys don't understand Funnut's Malady: Multiple Personalities Disorder (MPD). This class of people makes up the majority of mass murderers in recent history. When interviewed, these kooks usually admit that they felt like they needed to get more attention, and society "wasn't paying enough attention to them" so they just had to go out and make a name for themselves. Suicide only happens AFTER they blow away some innocent person's family.

      I think Funnut has avoided going postal because THIS is his ONLY outlet. Take that away and...I'd rather not find out. I've used the mass transit many times before and don't want a deranged Funnut, starved of Yahoo attention, taking out his pent up feelings on innocent bystanders.

      He's never going to get help so the choice is toy with him or ignore him and see a future headline story on WPVI with his face on the camera.

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